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Everly Brothers, 1986 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Inductee

Phil (vocals, guitar; born January 19, 1939, died January 3, 2014) and Don Everly (vocals, guitar; born February 1, 1937) transformed the Appalachian folk, bluegrass, and country sounds of their Kentucky boyhood into a richly harmonized form of rock and roll. The sons of entertainers Margaret and Ike Everly, a traveling country & western team, the Everly Brothers performed as part of the family act on radio and in concert. On their own, they sang beguilingly of adolescent romance in crisp, shimmering voices. With Don taking the melody and Phil harmonizing above him, the Everlys released a steady string of hit records between 1957 and 1962 that crossed over from country to pop and even R&B charts.

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