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George Michael was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame as a performer in 2023.

George Michael

An exceptional performer with crossover appeal, from pop funk to blue-eyed soul.

A powerful force with singular talent, George Michael fought for creative freedom and penned enduring hits that lived up to his ambitions. More on

Black-and-white promotional photograph of George Michael leaning against a concrete wall. He is wearing jeans, a white tee shirt, and black leather jacket and is looking off to the side.Vinyl LP cover art for the George Michael album Faith. Image is a color closeup of the artist in profile. He wears a cross earring and a leather jacket he pulls up around his head. In the lower left corner, there are five symbols: a cross, a bass clef, a British pound, a Star of David, and a heart with an arrow through it.Black-and-white promotional photograph of George Michael. He is sitting and holding a guitar. Geroge is wearing a white v-neck tee shirt, black leather jacket and aviator sunglasses.

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Influence & Legacy

George Michael was influenced by...

George Michael inspired people like...

  • Adam Lambert
  • Adele
  • Sam Smith
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