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Joan Baez was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 2017.

Joan Baez

Joan Baez breathed new life into folk music in the 1960s, powering rock music's turn toward social and political consciousness.

Baez's unwavering dedication to activism shows that volume isn't the only way to be loud - and totally rock and roll. More on

Joan Baez standing with guitar Rolling Thunder Revue poster, Bob Dylan, Joan Baez, Jack Elliot, and Bob Newirth Joan Baez with guitar behind mic stand Joan Baez headshot, black and white

Images from the Sing Out! Records Collection and the Bitter End Records Collection at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Library and Archives.


All our video on Joan Baez can be found here.


Archival Resources

Listed below are notable collections and items from the Rock Hall's Archives. You can find more by searching our catalog here.

Jane Scott Papers, 1977-1996
Rock critic for the Plain Dealer, 1952-2002. This collection specifically includes materials related to Joan Baez including interview notes from 1977, photographic materials, and tickets, press, and backstage passes from 1996.

Michael Ochs Collection,  1963-1991
Creator of the Michael Ochs Archives for rock and roll photographs. This collection includes a folder of business papers for Joan Baez spanning the years from 1963-1991. It also includes a 1969 press kit.

Sing Out! Records Collection, 1960-2008
Folk music magazine collection that includes photographs and documents related to Joan Baez.

Bootleg Concert Recording, 1964, 1966
Bootleg cassette recording of a concert with Joan Baez and Bob Dylan in 1964 (Side A) and Dublin, 1966 (Side B). 90 minutes.

Concert Poster, 1975
Concert poster for the Rolling Thunder Revue with Bob Dylan, Joan Baez, Jack Elliott, and Bob Neuwirth.


All our library audio on Joan Baez can be found here.

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