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Donating to the Library and Archives

What We Collect

The Library and Archives collects materials relating to the history of rock and roll and related music genres, including blues, R&B, country, gospel, soul, and hip hop; Hall of Fame inductees and other significant artists; and relevant subjects such as the music business and music criticism. These materials include:

  • Personal papers, photographs, recordings, and research materials of individual artists and groups, as well as of scholars, journalists, and critics, who have written about rock and roll and related music genres. Paper materials may include correspondence, scrapbooks, journals, song manuscripts, concert posters and other ephemera (clippings, press kits, flyers, handbills, tickets, posters, concert programs), and handwritten drafts of song lyrics.
  • Personal papers, business records, photographs, and recordings of those connected to the business of rock and roll, including disc jockeys, managers, producers, and record executives. These materials may include financial records, contracts, memos, and reports.
  • Archives of businesses and other organizations, including record labels, management agencies, booking agencies, radio stations, recording studios, and publishing companies. These materials may include financial records, contracts, memos, reports, promotional materials, radio playlists, and studio logs.
  • Books, including histories, biographies, scholarly studies, and anthologies of essays; academic dissertations and theses; and reference sources, such as dictionaries, encyclopedias, bibliographies, discographies, and directories.
  • Collections of periodicals (including scholarly journals, popular magazines, and trade publications) relating to rock and roll as well as related genres and subjects.
  • Commercial audio recordings in any format (including those representing the work of significant rock and roll performers and composers, as well as those covering related music genres).
  • Commercial video recordings in any format (including documentaries, concert films, and feature films).
  • Songbooks and sheet music.
  • Please note that, unlike the Museum, the Library and Archives is interested in collections of live concert photography and clippings.

If you have questions as to whether specific materials fit the scope of our collections, please contact us, or search our catalog for additional examples of what we collect. If you find an item listed in our catalog that we already own, we are not likely to need a duplicate copy.


Donations, Loans, and Purchases

All collections of the Library and Archives are permanent. As such, the Library and Archives accepts donations but cannot accept materials on loan. The Library and Archives depends upon the generosity of donors for its archival collections and does not have a budget for purchasing these collections. Please see our list of donors coming soon!

If you have materials you wish to donate to the Library and Archives, please contact us.


Appraisals and Tax Deductions

Donors may be able to claim a tax deduction for their donation to the Library and Archives. Any interested donors should discuss this with an accountant or tax consultant. The Library and Archives cannot provide appraisals or estimate the monetary value of collections.


Monetary Contributions

If you would like to make a monetary contribution to support the work of the Rock Hall, please visit the Rock Hall's main Donate page.

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