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Greatest Festival Moments in Rock and Roll History: Woodstock 1969

2 Festival Moments

Woodstock Music and Art Fair, 1969

Santana at the Woodstock Music & Art Fair, 1969

Santana Took the stage at Woodstock by storm. Barely known outside of San Francisco, the group lit up the afternoon on the festival's second day with a hypnotic and grooving performance of Latin-tinged blues and soul. That single performance introduced a new sound to rock music and established a career that continues to inspire.

Sly and the Family Stone at the Woodstock Music & Art Fair, 1969

Sly and the Family Stone were the virtual embodiment of the Woodstock Nation: integrated, soulful, and funky. Even with several hit records behind them, the audience wasn't prepared for the funk-driven soul revue laid down by the Family Stone. Few, if any, white audience members had ever experienced anything like their showmanship. Sly and the Family Stone rewrote the book on performance.

Online Video

History Channel: This Day in History - The Woodstock Festival opens in Bethel, New York.

Santana, "Evil Ways," Woodstock, 1969.

Santana, "Soul Sacrifice," Woodstock, 1969.

Carlos Santana talks about making his way across the country to play festivals, culminating with his performance at Woodstock.

Sly and the Family Stone, "Higher and Higher," Woodstock, 1969.

CBS News Coverage of Woodstock, August 18, 1969.

Filmmaker Barbara Bedick captures the ambiance at Woodstock just before Max Yasgur gave his speech.

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