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Greatest Festival Moments in Rock and Roll History: Glastonbury 1994

Festival Moment

Oasis at Glastonbury, 1994

Much change was afoot in mid-1990s Great Britain. The political winds shifted from Thatcher to Blair, and Brit Pop became the soundtrack to a reinvigorated sense of identity. On the heels of their debut album, Oasis's performance at Glastonbury affixed the band as the new music centerpoint for a movement and helped kickstart a new generation of U.K. talent.

Online Video

Oasis, "Live Forever," Glastonbury, 1994.

Oasis, "Fade Away," Glastonbury, 1994.

Liza Kumjian-Smith interviews Oasis' Noel Gallagher, Glastonbury Festival, 1994. They had just finished their first festival set.

Johnny Cash, Glastonbury, 1994.

Blur, "Girls and Boys," Glastonbury, 1994.

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