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The Allman Brothers Band gave explosive live shows that secured their place in rock and roll history.

As the principal architects of Southern rock, the Allman Brothers Band forged this new musical offshoot from elements of blues, jazz, soul, R&B and rock and roll. Along with the Grateful Dead and Cream, they helped advance rock as a medium for improvisation. Guitarists Duane Allman and Dickey Betts combined with the soulful vocals and organ playing of Gregg Allman and a driving 2 drummer rhythm section to become a blues rocking powerhouse. More on

Inductees: Duane Allman (guitar; born November 20, 1946, died October 29, 1971), Gregg Allman (vocals, organ, piano; born December 8, 1947), Dickey Betts (guitar, vocals; born December 12, 1943), Jai Johanny "JaimoeJohanson (drums; born July 8, 1944), Barry Oakley (bass; born April 4, 1948, died November 11, 1972), Butch Trucks (drums; born May 11, 1947) 

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