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To audiences, artists are the stars of rock and roll shows. But without the dedicated work of the road crew – the people who set up the stage, run the sound and lights and perform countless other tasks that keep the show on the road – rock concerts, as we know them, wouldn’t exist.

This guide links you to some of the resources in our collections related to this work, but there are so many more available! Use the keyword terms below for searching on related topics, the book links as a means to finding what is available in your area, and the links to archival collections to see what is available to view onsite or for potential reproduction.

Rolling Stone tour stage design David Bowie lighting board hookup for U.S. tour 1974 Parliament-Funkadelic Mothership drawing Flyer for Cream Talking Heads set list
Images: Rolling Stone tour stage designsDavid Bowie lighting board hookupParliament-Funkadelic "Mothership" drawings; Fillmore handbill for Cream; Talking Heads set list.

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Acoustical engineering
Architectural acoustics
Behind the scenes
Concert agents
Concert tours
Design and construction
On the road
Stage lighting designers
Stage setting and scenery

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