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Blondie was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2006.


The vanguard of the new wave.

Blondie have experimented with nearly every genre on record - reggae, rap, punk, disco, etc. Yet their willingness to experiment is anchored by their roots in tuneful Sixties pop. Someone forgot to tell Blondie that New Wave bands weren’t supposed to have hit records. Blondie broke the Top 40 barrier with the Number One hit “Heart of Glass” in 1979. More on


Inductees: Deborah Harry (vocals; born July 1, 1945), Clem Burke (drums; born November 24, 1955), Jimmy Destri (keyboards; born April 13, 1954), Nigel Harrison (bass; born April 24, 1951), Frank Infante (guitar; born November 15, 1951), Chris Stein (guitar; born January 5, 1950), Gary Valentine (bass; born December 24, 1955). 

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