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Hispanic & Latinx Heritage in Rock: Home

Hispanic & Latinx Heritage in Rock

In addition to rock, Latin music has also significantly influenced a variety of other genres. American bass guitarist Carol Kaye calls jazz “one third Latin” and points out that many jazz bass lines are related to the samba, an Afro-Brazilian style of dance and music. Funk music also shows Latin influences, especially through the sound of drums known as timbales. Even the Bo Diddley beat, one of rock’s most iconic rhythmic patterns, employs the clave rhythm of Afro-Cuban music. Though rock & roll is rooted in many musical genres from within the United States, it includes many diverse influences from all over Central and South America. 

Carlos Santa, 1992. Philadelphia

Joan Baez, 1974. Photographer
Jim Farber. Cleveland Scene

Linda Ronstadt, undated. 
Philadelphia Inquirer Photographs.


Greg Errico (Sly & the Family
Stone), undated. Rock & Roll
Hall of Fame Records--Curatorial
Division--Photograph File.

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