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Protest Music: Protest Music - Interviews & Documentaries

Protest Music

Interviews & Documentaries

This page contains curated interviews and documentaries available on the internet related to social justice issues, as well as information on DVDs and VHS recordings that can be found onsite at the Library & Archives. You can also enter your zip code into the "Search Location" box to see what libraries near you may have this item available.

Bed Peace starring John Lennon & Yoko Ono

Bernice Johnson Reagon on "This Little Light of Mine"

Brother D - How We Gonna Make the Black Nation Rise?

Contemporary Protest Music: Rahul Ram at TEDx Mehrauli

Evolution of American Protest Music [Vox]

Francine Wheeler and Pete Yarrow on Music's Power in Social Movements

Jamie Byng in Conversation with Gil Scott-Heron

Henry Rollins - Tom Morello Interview for Amnesty International [Part 1]

Hozier: the Power of Protest Music

Interviews from Mexico - Protest Music and Social Movements

Neil Young's Protest Music

Mos Def Organizes Hip-Hop Protest Song

"N.W.A The World's Most Dangerous Group" Documentary

Protest Music in the Era of Trump [LA Times]

Pete Seeger on What It Takes to Change the World

Racial Justice Series: Part 1 [A Conversation with Propaganda]

Sonita Alizadeh: the Afghan protesting through rap

Tom Morello on Music for a Movement

Top 10 Protest Songs [Mojo]

Tupac Shakur on Race & Equality

Watch Pussy Riot Talk Feminism

DVD & VHS Recordings

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