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Loud, fast and vicious.

Motörhead mixed rock & roll, heavy metal, and punk rock into a blistering cocktail that never let up, never gave in, and inspired a legion of fans around the world. More on

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Archival Resources

All archival resources on Motörhead can be found here. Follow the links below to specific archival materials on Motörhead.

Collection on Spin Magazine
Music magazine founded in 1985. Photographs and slides.

Bomp! Records Collection

Rock music zine publisher and founder of the Bomp! Records label.

Jane Scott Papers

Rock critic for the Plain Dealer, 1952-2002. Set lists, promotional materials, and interview notes.




The Library and Archives subscribes to the database Rock's Back Pages. Below are a few of the resources related to Motörhead.

Rock & Roll Hall of Fame | Library & Archives
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