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Yes pushed the boundaries of rock, expanding the musical experience - on record and in concert.

They created complex, progressive, and virtuosic rock suites built on influences ranging from psychedelic rock and classical music. More on


Yes performance photo Yes promo photo Yes promo photo Yes promo photo

Images from the Jeff Gold, Philadelphia Inquirer Photographs, Anita Gelman, and Jane Scott Papers Collections at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Library and Archives.


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Archival Resources

Anita Gelman Collection, 1984
This collection includes polaroid photographs and 35mm color slides of Yes from the "Leave It" music video.

Jane Scott Papers, 1971
Rock critic for the Plain Dealer from 1952-2002, the Jane Scott Papers Collection includes photographic and promotional materials related to Yes from 1971.

Jim Clevo Papers, 1972-2004
Jim Clevo was a Cleveland, Ohio band manager and promoter, music journalist and reviewer. This collection contains artist files on the band Yes including publicity materials, promotional and show flyers, photographs, and newspaper clippings.

Audio - Yes - Non-commercial Audio Recordings, 1973-1980
1/4 audiotape reel from the "Poetry of Popular Music" Course Materials Collection.

Audio - Yes - Madrigal Mystery Tour, Cleveland, Ohio, 1978 September
Bootleg audio recording from the Frederick S. Boros Audio Recordings Collection.

Concert Program, Yes, 1974
One concert program from the Jeff Gold Collection.

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