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Black History Month Resources: African-American Inductees

Books on Inductees

These books can be used within the Library and Archives. For a full list of inductee related books in our catalog, go here.


The following databases are useful for popular music research and are available to visitors in the Library and Archives facility.

Archival Collections

African American inductees are well-represented in our archival collections. Below are a few types of materials that you can search for, with links to select collections.

Collections of interest:

Artist files can be found in these collections:

Live recordings can be found in these collections:

Posters and handbills can be found in these collections:

Photographs can be found in these collections:

Audio Resources on Inductees

These audio resources can be used onsite at the Library & Archives.  To search the catalog for additional audio resources pertaining to inductees, click here and select Search in = Library and Material = Music recording.

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