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Rolling Stones: General

Rolling Stones were inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame as performers in 1989.

Rolling Stones

During their 50-plus year career, The Rolling Stones have married their love of blues and American R&B with a vast array of styles and genres: disco, garage, psychedelic rock and even punk.

The constant through line, however, has been the band's swagger-thanks first and foremost to the Glimmer Twins, Mick Jagger and Keith Richards. More on


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Consequences of Rock

It's December 1969 and a young Mick Jagger announces a free outdoor show that some believe will be the Woodstock of the West. But things don't go as planned, the consequences of which will be felt for decades to come.

Behind the Song

The song "Angie," released on the Rolling Stones' Goats Head Soup album in 1973, has been the subject of much debate over the years. Is there an actual "Angie" and if so, who is she? Unravel the many rumors about the namesake of this classic tune in this episode of the Behind the Song podcast.

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