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On Exhibit

Part of the Machine: The Collectible & Quirky

Part of the Machine logo

Part of the Machine: Rock & Pinball is an interactive exhibit at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Museum showcasing rock-themed, playable pinball machines combined with historic merchandise and artifacts to explore the artistic portrayal of artists and bands.

Rock and roll and pinball have a lot in common. Loud, colorful and rebellious, it was inevitable that the two would combine to celebrate rock’s icons. Inside the Museum exhibit you'll find machines featuring icons such as KISS, Guns 'n' Roses, Alice Cooper, Dolly Parton, The Who, Elton John and more. All the machines on display are playable by visitors. For more information, see

The portion of this exhibit featured at the Library & Archives is entitled The Collectible & Quirky and features some of the quirkier artist-related merchanding objects from the collection. Like rock & roll itself, the merchandise created to celebrate its artists takes many forms, with products that are innovative, flamboyant and at times, weird. Since its beginnings, the rock merchandising machine has artistically immortalized superstars on collectible trading cards, comic books, postage stamps, and picture discs; and rock musicians have even licensed their images for use on dolls, masks, coffins and beyond.

Something Going On: Jeff Rusnak, A Rock & Roll Life

Devo: Jeff Rusnak

Highlights from a newly acquired photography collection are on exhibit in Something Going On: Jeff Rusnak, A Rock & Roll Life at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. Starting in the 1970s, Jeff Rusnak (1956-2016) was a fixture in the pits of rock clubs and concert halls in New Jersey, Philadelphia and New York City – snapping hundreds of thousands of images, a fraction of which are now on display in the Rock Hall’s new photography gallery.

Rusnak had a deep love of music that was evident in every part of his life. He was a late-night disc jockey, musician, producer and manager at the legendary Princeton Record Exchange, and an incessant photographer. Many of the photos he took were of bands as they were just getting started, such as Black Flag, U2, the Clash, and Ween.

Rusnak himself was an intensely private person. Much of his collection was discovered after his passing and generously given to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame to enhance the museum’s mission to engage, teach and inspire through the power of rock and roll. His photographs permanently reside in the Rock Hall’s Library & Archives.

On display are images of some of the most iconic figures in rock in the past forty years, showcasing national, international and local Philadelphia acts, including David Bowie, Henry Rollins, Joe Strummer, Elvis Costello, Frank Zappa, Stevie Nicks, Nancy Wilson, Tina Weymouth, Annie Golden, Wayne Coyne, Jello Biafra, Peter Gabriel, the Who, Talking Heads, Adam Ant, Devo, Ramones, the B-52’s, Frank Zappa, Flaming Lips, Yes, Gary Numan, Chuck Berry, and more.

Original and digital prints on display are just a few examples of the thousands of photographs in the Rusnak collection, now housed at the Library & Archives, located on the Metro campus of Cuyahoga Community College at 2809 Woodland Avenue in Cleveland. To view the collection, please make an appointment by contacting

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