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Progressive Rock: ELO


Picking up where the Beatles left off, Electric Light Orchestra expanded the concept of great melodies, epic song structures and grand orchestrations.

ELO added an exciting mix of elements into rock and roll, including disco rhythms and electronic studio wizardry. More on

Electric Light Orchestra,"Out of the Blue" album photos Electric Light Orchestra band promo photograph Electric Light Orchestra, The Big Night tour poster

Images from the Michael Ochs Collection and Jane Scott Papers Collection at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Library and Archives.



YouTube Performances


Archival Resources

Archival materials related to ELO can be found here. Listed below are notable collections and items of interest.

Herb Staehr Collection
This collection includes an audio recording of an ELO and Fleetwood Mac concert from 1976 January 12, and a video recording of The Midnight Special TV series featuring ELO.

Jane Scott Papers
Rock critical for the Plain Dealer from 1952-2002, this collection includes photographs and promotional material of ELO from 1973.

Jim Clevo Papers
Includes 1981 documents on ELO.

Michael Ochs Collection
This collection includes 1977-1978 materials related to ELO, including a 1977 poster for "Out of the Blue" and a concert poster and program from "The Big Night" tour (spaceship tour).

Philadelphia Inquirer Photographs
Photographs on ELO from 1981, 1988.

YouTube Interviews

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