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Archival Collections: ARC-0051 to ARC-0100

Archival Collections, ARC-0051 through ARC-0100

ARC-0051 John Platt Collection, 1960-1999, undated, 18.83 l.f.
The John Platt Collection spans the years 1960 to 1999, with the bulk of the materials dating between 1965 and 1975. The collection contains VHS tapes, audiocassettes, and personal files. The materials are primarily centered around the 1960s-1970s San Francisco era of psychedelic rock. Artists of note featured in the collection include: Big Brother and the Holding Company, Cream, Grateful Dead, Jimi Hendrix, Jefferson Airplane,and Janis Joplin. Platt's files also contain research and correspondence for many of his professional projects, including the creation of video installations and short films for the opening of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum in 1995. The Platt Collection provides extensive insight to the professional life of a lifelong rock and roll fan and historian. Of particular interest are original concert recordings and video footage of interviews with prominent artists of the era. Many of the video recordings are of European television broadcasts. There are over 100 audiocassettes of Grateful Dead concert recordings in this collection.

ARC-0052 Elaine Mayes Photographs, 1967 June 16-1967 June 18, 1.75 l.f.
The Elaine Mayes Photographs span the three days of the 1967 Monterey Pop Festival, June 16, 17, and 18. The collection consists of ten black-and-white photographs taken by Mayes at the festival. The collection provides visual evidence of the performers who appeared at the 1967 Monterey Pop Festival, on and off stage. Seen in a broader context, the collection provides insight to the types of performers that appeared at festivals in the late 1960s, as well as the clothing and hairstyles of the period.

ARC-0053 Kid Rock Posters, 2000-2009, 3.0 l.f.
Kid Rock Posters span the years 2000 to 2009. The collection consists of nine different promotional and commercial posters related to Kid Rock's albums, tours, and television appearances. The collection provides a glimpse into how Kid Rock, his albums, and tours were promoted during the 2000s. Seen in a broader context, the collection provides insights into the promotion of high profile artists and the styles of period.

ARC-0054 Rick Miller Papers, 1970-1988, 2.0 l.f.
The Rick Miller Papers span the years 1970 to 1988. The collection consists of documents collected by Miller while he was a production manager for the following artists: Aerosmith, Eric Carmen, Christopher Cross, ELO, Fleetwood Mac, The Jacksons, Ted Nugent, Lou Reed, The Rolling Stones, Santana, Bob Seger, Boz Scaggs, and Robin Trower. The papers document the featured tours rather than the artists themselves and include riders, blueprints, stage plans, venue information and photographs, and lighting cues, as well as itineraries for the artists and crew, correspondence, contracts, artist requests, and carnets (merchandise passports). Miller's papers provide insight into the process of producing rock and roll concerts, specifically the aspects of administration and design.

ARC-0055 Ralph Bass Papers, circa 1960s-1993, 0.21 l.f.
The Ralph Bass Papers, circa the 1960s to 1993, consist of an interview transcript of Bass, one copy of the Chicago Reader featuring an interview with Bass, and eight photographs of Bass and various performers, including the Vashonettes and James Brown. All photographs are 8" x 10" black-and-whites, unless otherwise noted. The collection will be most useful to researchers looking for images of Bass.

ARC-0056 Richard Smith Andridge Collection, 1966-1967, 1.42 l.f.
The Richard Smith Andridge Collection spans 1966 to 1967 and consists of a black-and-white photograph and a magazine advertisement for The Seeds. The collection provides visual evidence of The Seeds and how they were promoted. Seen in the broader context, the collection provides insights into southern California garage bands and the advertising used by smaller record labels.

ARC-0057 James Bernard Papers, 1990-2006, undated, 2.29 l.f.
The James Bernard Papers span the years 1990 to 2006 and include undated material. The collection consists of audiovisual material, magazines, and papers, including correspondence, clippings, financial documents, and other materials related to The Source magazine, promotional materials from the National Hip Hop Political Convention, interview transcripts, press kits from various magazines, and other miscellaneous items. Notable items in the correspondence include letters from readers of The Source, with both critical and supportive messages to the magazine; invitations for Bernard to speak at various functions; a letter from Carol Moseley Braun regarding an appearance before Congress to discuss rap lyrics (Bernard's remarks accompany the letter); a faxed letter from Bernard to David Mays, demanding Mays' resignation as publisher of The Source; and a letter from Bernard and Reginald Dennis to Mumia Abu-Jamal, negotiating terms for an article to be written for XXL. The financial documents include auditor's reports, consolidated financial statements, and supplementary information. Audiovisual materials in the collection include VHS videocassettes, two CD-Rs, and audiocassette recordings of interviews. The magazines include single issues of non-music magazines related to African American culture. The James Bernard Papers will be useful to researchers interested in rap and hip hop music in the 1990s and early 2000s. The collection should not be interpreted as an exhaustive business history of The Source.

ARC-0059 Bitter End Records, 1967-2009, 4.83 l.f.
The Bitter End Records span the years 1967 to 2009, with the bulk of the records dating between 1970 and 1979. The collection provides insight into the management of The Bitter End nightclub, located in the Greenwich Village neighborhood of New York. It does not, however, represent an exhaustive documentation of the business or financial operations of the nightclub. Of most use to researchers will be the artist files, which provide a record of engagements played by numerous high profile artists and entertainers--many of which began their careers at The Bitter End. The artist files include contracts, photographs, clippings, press releases, press kits, and other promotional items. The collection also contains artist contracts, clippings, photographs, press releases, and information about The Bitter End's near-closure in 1992. The Bitter End Records also include a sizeable collection of posters advertising performances played at the venue. The collection highlights the history of New York City’s longest running nightclub, the Greenwich Village music scene over the years, and the artists that performed there.

ARC-0060 Martha Radosevich Posters, 1980-1984, undated, 2.33 l.f.
The Martha Radosevich Posters span the years 1980 to 1984 and include undated material. The collection consists of 32 concert posters for various performers, bands, and venues in the Southern California area. The majority of the posters were printed by the Colby Poster Printing Company in Los Angeles. Artists and bands documented in the collection include James Brown, Ray Charles, Jimmy Cliff, The Cramps, Echo and the Bunnymen, John Lee Hooker, Jerry Garcia Band, B.B. King, Wilson Pickett, The Police, R.E.M., Romeo Void, Sex Pistols, Stevie Ray Vaughan, and Warren Zevon. Venues include the Beverly Theatre, Forum, Greek Theatre, Hollywood Palladium, Hollywood Park, and Roxy Theatre. The collection provides a sampling of the kinds of concert posters that would have been posted around the Southern California area in the early- to mid-1980s. Seen in a broader context, the collection provides insight to how performers and venues promoted their shows in the early-1980s and the acts that were performing during that period. 

ARC-0061 Anastasia Pantsios Collection, 1978-1985, 1993, undated, 7.71 l.f.
The Anastasia Pantsios Collection spans the years 1978 to 1993. The collection consists of photographs and radio station playlists. The photographs provide visual evidence of performers who have appeared in Cleveland, Ohio over the course of nearly two decades, on and off stage. Comparatively, the playlists represent what was being played on the radio in Cleveland during that same time. Seen in a broader context, the collection provides documentation of performers who have appeared in Cleveland over the years, as well as their public persona and dress. The collection also provides insight into the performers who allowed themselves and their performances to be photographed by female rock photographers, as women were finally gaining a foothold in the ranks, led by Rolling Stone's Annie Leibovitz. As women became more numerous and prominent on rock and roll stages in the 1980s and beyond, Pantsios developed a special interest in the visual study of the changing and diverse ways rock musicians presented themselves while making music.

ARC-0063 The Plain Dealer Paintings and Prints, 2009, 1.19 l.f.
The Plain Dealer Paintings and Prints were created by Ted Crow, graphic artist for the newspaper for the 2009 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum Annual Induction Ceremony held in Cleveland, Ohio. These original illustrations appeared in The Plain Dealer prior to the induction ceremony, and glossy and matte prints were made available for purchase by the newspaper. The collection is made up of the original paintings by Crow, as well as glossy prints of the paintings. The collection provides a look at the artwork of Ted Crow and the artists and performers who were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2009. Seen in a broader context, the collection provides insight into the graphic art of the period and the ways in which newspapers were attempting to find new revenue streams.

ARC-0064 American Artifact Collection, 2009, 2.21 l.f.
The American Artifact Collection consists of 12 posters created by some of the artists portrayed in the film American Artifact: The Rise of American Rock Poster. The collection also includes the film's press kit, promotional materials, and copies of the DVD. The film chronicles the history of the rock concert poster, from its origins in 1960s San Francisco to its re-emergence in the 21st century. American Artifact was released in 2009 and directed by Merle Becker. The collection provides a look at the majority of the posters created for the film's release in 2009, press materials, and the film itself. Seen in a broader context, the collection provides insight to fringe and underground artists of the past fifty years and how art is influenced by music, culture, and society, and how music, culture, and society, in return, influence art.

ARC-0065 John Seabury Flyers and Posters, 1980, 1988-2011, 3.33 l.f.
The John Seabury Flyers and Posters collection spans the years 1980 to 2011. The collection consists of 26 concert posters for various bands and venues, one poster for the Jean-Luc Godard film Sympathy for the Devil, and 19 concert flyers, mostly from shows at Slim's in San Francisco--all created by John Seabury. Bands featured in this collection include Adam Ant, George Clinton, The Damned, John Doe, Mars Volta, Megadeath, Willie Nelson, Pavement, Psychotic Pineapple, Queens of the Stone Age, Radiohead, The Rolling Stones, Todd Rundgren, The Tubes, and Rob Zombie. The collection provides a sampling of Seabury's artistic work for various bands and concerts in the United States and Europe. Seen in a broader context, the collection highlights how mainstream and alternative rock bands and venues promoted their shows during the 1980s to 2000s and provides a reference point for the artists that played during that era.

ARC-0066 Jason Andrew Goad Collection, 2001-2011, undated, 1.52 l.f.
The Jason Andrew Goad Collection spans the years 2001 to 2011 and includes undated material. The collection consists of 14 concert posters for various bands and venues created by Jason Andrew Goad, and five concert posters Goad created with Jeff Wood of Drowning Creek Studio. Bands and performers depicted include Alice in Chains, Pat Benatar, The Black Crowes, The Donnas, The Get Up Kids, The Killers, The Melvins, Ministry, Willie Nelson, Pink, and Neil Young. Venues include the Borgata Event Center, the Electric Factory, and Tower Theater. Also included in the collection is some of the original art that Goad created in 2008 for The Offspring's Rise and Fall, Rage and Grace. Plus, some promotional postcards that Goad used to promote his business, In Goad We Trust. The collection provides a sampling of Goad's artistic work for various performers and rock concerts in the United States. Seen in a broader context, the collection provides insight into how rock and alternative rock bands and venues promoted their shows during the 2000s and the bands that were actively performing during that era.

ARC-0067 Curtis Mayfield Collection, 1958-1994, 4.07 l.f.
The Curtis Mayfield Collection spans the years 1958 to 1994. The Collection consists of a typed manuscript for the posthumously-published book, Poetic License: In Poem and Song; three negatives and ten original photographs from various stages of Mayfield's solo career and his time with The Impressions; three oversize photographic reproductions; a concert poster; and two concert programs. The Collection provides a glimpse into the career of Curtis Mayfield through images, lyrics, and poetry. Seen in a broader context, the collection provides insight to the changing R&B scene from the late-1950s into the 1990s.

ARC-0069 Open Air Celebration Poster, 1971 May 27, 1.92 l.f.
The Open Air Celebration Poster was designed and illustrated by Anne C. Elliot, copyright May 27, 1971. The poster was used to promote the Open Air Celebration at Midway Stadium in St. Paul, Minnesota on June 26, 1971. On the bill for the show: The Band, Paul Butterfield Blues Band, Crow, Delaney & Bonnie, "Li'l Sun" Tony Glover, John Sebastian, and Muddy Waters. The show was set to last from 12 noon until 9:00 P.M., and tickets cost between $6.00 and $8.00. The collection provides a look at Elliot's work and a part of the promotion for the Open Air Celebration. Seen in a broader context, the collection provides insight to the promotion of festivals in America's Midwest during the late 1960s and early 1970s, and the artists that performed at these types of festivals.

ARC-0070 Florida Flambeau, 1963 December 3, 1.75 l.f.
The Florida Flambeau is one of the student newspapers for Florida State University. This particular issue is volume 50, number 60 from December 3, 1963. It features a photo of student Jim Morrison on the front page, playing the part of Gus in Harold Pinter's one-act play, The Dumb Waiter. The collection provides a look at Jim Morrison during his time at Florida State and gives the researcher insight into other happenings at the school in December 1963. Seen in a broader context, the collection provides insight into southern college newspapers during the early 1960s, the types of articles they were running, and the advertising they were accepting.

ARC-0071 Mark Petty Photograph of Bob Dylan, 1976 April 28, 1.75 l.f.
The Mark Petty-Bob Dylan Photograph is an image of Bob Dylan taken by Petty in Pensacola, Fla. at the University of West Florida on April 28, 1976, during the "Rolling Thunder Revue" tour. The photo was subsequently published in Rolling Stone.

ARC-0072 Ed Chalpin Papers, 1965-1991, 0.21 l.f.
The Ed Chalpin Papers span the years 1965 to 1991, with the bulk of the materials dating between 1965 and 1980. The collection consists of business records, clippings, correspondence, photographs, and sound recordings. Also included is material related to the dispute between Chalpin (former producer of Jimi Hendrix prior to the Jimi Hendrix Experience years) and various parties over Hendrix's "exclusive artist productions writing contract" from October 1965 through October 1968.  Of particular note are an acetate pressing of six tracks featuring Jimi Hendrix and Curtis Knight and several photographs of Hendrix during his time with The Squires. Chalpin’ papers provide documentation of the nature of artist-producer relationships and a behind-the-scenes look at being a producer in the rock music industry.

ARC-0073 Sean Carroll-Sandusky Bay Poster Works Collection, 2000, 2002-2003, 1.92 l.f.
The Sean Carroll-Sandusky Bay Poster Works Collection spans the years 2000 to 2003. The collection consists of 91 concert posters for various bands, primarily at venues and shows in Cleveland, Ohio; all designed and created by Sean Carroll,. Venues include the Agora Theater and Ballroom, Beachland Ballroom, and Grog Shop, among others. Performers include The Cramps, Foo Fighters, and Pearl Jam. The collection provides a sampling of Carroll's artistic work for various concert venues and performers. Seen in a broader context, the collection provides insight to how rock bands of varying popularity and diverse venues promoted their shows in the early 2000s. The collection also acts as a reference point for bands that played during that era.

ARC-0074 Gayle Wald Riot Grrrl Collection, 1991-1994, undated, 0.41 l.f.
The Gayle Wald Riot Grrrl Collection spans the years 1991 to 1994 and includes undated material. The collection consists mainly of correspondence, flyers, radio show playlists, stickers, zines, and other miscellaneous materials related to the Riot Grrrl movement. More specifically, the materials relate to the New York City, Chicago, and D.C. chapters of Riot Grrrl, the bands Fifth Column and the Lucy Stoners, the WPRB radio show at Princeton "Ladies First," and record label Hide Records & Tapes. The collection provides a unique look into the Riot Grrrl movement from the inside--from the perspectives of the performers and record labels to the fans and critics.

ARC-0075 Gabor Kovats Negatives, 1982-1989, 0.07 l.f.
The Gabor Kovats Negatives collection consists of 713 images of live concert performances from 1981 to 1989 in the Austin and Dallas, Texas areas. The images were taken by Gabor Kovats, a member of the camera club at his high school, during his late teens and early 20s. The performers featured include: Laurie Anderson, Joan Armatrading, David Crosby, Dixie Dregs, Peter Gabriel, General Public, Genesis, David Gilmour, Grace Jones, Lene Lovich, John McLaughlin, Jean-Luc Ponty, Psychedelic Furs, Return to Forever, Todd Rundgren, Spyro Gyra, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Joe Walsh, Bobby (Bob Weir) and the Midnites, and Neil Young. The collection highlights a strong cross section of performers, musical genres, and concert venues that were popular during the 1980s.

ARC-0076 Dr. Rosario Cambria Collection, 2007, 0.07 l.f.
The intellectual content of the Rosario Cambria Collection spans the year 1957. The collection consists of 48 black-and-white photographic reproductions, printed in 2007, of candid shots from what appears to be at least two different events held at the Brooklyn Paramount Theater in New York: Alan Freed's Easter Jubilee from April 1957 and his Summer Festival from July. Identifiable from the Easter Jubilee are Billy Mason & The Rhythm Jesters, Bo Diddley, Charlie Gracie, Bobby Marchan, The Rhythm Orchids (Buddy Knox and Jimmy Bowen), The Rosebuds, Al Sears, and of course Alan Freed himself. Identifiable from the Summer Festival are Chuck Berry, The Everly Brothers, Panama Francis, Alan Freed, Screamin’ Jay Hawkins, Johnnie & Joe, Lewis Lymon & The Teen Chords, Clyde McPhatter, Jodie Sands, Al Sears, The Teenagers with Frankie Lymon, and Joe Turner. The collection provides visual evidence of the groundbreaking mixed race concerts Freed hosted in the 1950s.

ARC-0077 Len De Lessio Photographs, 1971-1976. 0.07 l.f.
The Len DeLessio Photographs consist of 21 images of various rock musicians from the 1970s. Artists include Alice Cooper, Isaac Hayes, Smokey Robinson, Lynyrd Skynyrd, and ZZ Top. The collection provides visual evidence of the diversity of rock music that was being performed during the 1970s and the musicians who were performing it.

ARC-0078 Ricky Vac and the Rock-A-Ways Collection, undated, 5.25. l.f.
The Ricky Vac and the Rock-A-Ways Collection includes two photographs of the group, clippings, an unmarked audiocassette, a CD-R entitled "Rock Hall jpegs," a photocopy of Ricky Vac and the Rock-a-Ways 45 rpms; three newspapers; and one poster advertising a Rock-a-Ways show. As a whole, the collection highlights the career of one of the first racially integrated rock and roll bands and a hit group on Cleveland's airwaves during the late-1950s to early 1960s.

ARC-0079 Eric Caidin Collection of Photographs, circa 1950s-2007, undated, 0.63 l.f.
The Eric Caidin Collectin of Photographs span the years of the 1950s to 2007 and include undated material. The collection consists of black-and-white as well as color photographs of artists, mostly promotional in nature. The images include items from Caidin's inventory at the Hollywood Book and Poster Company, Hollywood, California. The collection provides visual evidence of how record labels marketed artists over the course of six decades and across a diverse range of musical genres, from country to psychedelic rock; pop to punk. Focuses of the collection include the Beatles, the Clash, Cream, Bobby Darin, Deep Purple, Devo, Donovan, Michael Jackson, Joan Jett, Tom Jones, the Kinks, KISS, the "Rat Pack," the Rolling Stones, the Runaways, the Seeds, X, and the Yardbirds. Of particular note is an image of Cannibal and The Headhunters, known as one of the first Mexican-American groups to have a national hit record, "Land of a Thousand Dances."

ARC-0080 T.E. Newsletter (Terry Stewart Collection), 1953-1960, 0.42 l.f.
The T.E. Newsletter was the first of its kind published in the music industry, describing the weekly events at WERE-AM, Cleveland, Ohio, including what artists had been at the station and which records looked promising. The newsletter was distributed to over two hundred agency men, music publishers, columnists, and disc jockeys from coast to coast. The T.E. Newsletter offers a slice of the "Cleveland Scene" during the 1950s and illustrates the city’s influence at the time on the marketing and dissemination of rock and roll.

ARC-0081 Peter Hujar Photographs, 1969-1974, 1.83 l.f.
The Peter Hujar Photographs consist of 11 vintage gelatin silver prints by the artist that are part of a portrait series for Scenes Magazine in 1969 called "Rock Couples."

ARC-0082 Gary Owens Papers, 1959-1962, undated, 0.21 l.f.
The Gary Owens Papers span the years 1959 to 1962 and include undated material. The papers contain photographs of Owens, a handwritten biography, a membership card, and ephemera from radio stations. Owen's papers provide evidence of his career as a radio disc jockey and highlight the importance and role of disc jockeys in the music industry.

ARC-0083 Tom Donahue Papers, 1969-1975, undated, 0.63 l.f.
The Tom Donahue Papers span the years 1969 to 1975 and contain some undated material. The collection consists of business papers, correspondence, interview transcripts, photographs, and printed materials documenting Donahue's career as a popular radio station disc jockey. Of particular note is information about the Wild West Festival and film, a 1969 San Francisco Bay Area high profile music festival that was cancelled a week before it was scheduled to begin; a John Lennon interview transcript; and a dissertation written by Susan Krieger on the history of underground radio. Donahue's papers provide rich documentation of the importance and role of radio disc jockeys in the development and dissemination of rock and roll music and culture.

ARC-0084 Bluefield Auditorium Posters, 1956-1958, 1.83 l.f.
The Bluefield Auditorium Posters span the years 1956 to 1958. The collection consists of seven concert posters for performances held at the auditorium in Bluefield, West Virginia. Performers included Chuck Berry, Bo Diddley, Ruth Brown, The Coasters, Fats Domino, The Five Satins, Ernie Freeman, Etta James, Little Richard, and "Big" Joe Turner. The collection provides a glimpse into the types of acts that appeared at the Bluefield Auditorium and, most importantly, how the shows were promoted to a segregated audience. Seen in a broader context, the collection provides insights into African American musicians of the period and the types of venues at which they performed.

ARC-0085 James Fortune Photographs, 1967-1979, 0.21 l.f.
The James Fortune Photographs consists of 30 prints that document the rock and roll scene of the late 1960s and 1970s. Artists depicted include Jim Morrison, Led Zeppelin, Iggy Pop, and The Rolling Stones. 

ARC-0086 Scrapbooks on the Rolling Stones and Rod Stewart, 1964-1994, 0.5 l.f.
The Scrapbooks on the Rolling Stones and Rod Stewart (1964-1994) document the concert history of the Rolling Stones and Rod Stewart in Lansing, Mich. The scrapbooks contain concert reviews published in Michigan newspapers, and copies of autographed photographs sent to fan Julie Anderson by Stewart and the Rolling Stones.

ARC-0087 LL Cool J Notebook (Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum Collection), circa 1993, 0.21 l.f.
The LL Cool J Notebook (Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum Collection), circa 1993, contains handwritten lyrics to songs from the album 14 Shots to the Dome, as well as information on tours and personal appearances, including the 35th Grammy Awards and the Arsenio Hall Show.

ARC-0088 B.B. King Set List (Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum Collection), undated, 0.21 l.f.
The B.B. King Set List is a handwritten set list of instrumental songs.

ARC-0089 Randy and Kathy Minck Photographs, 1968, undated, 0.07 l.f.
The Randy and Kathy Minck Photographs collection consists of 34 snapshots, in black-and-white and color that were taken from audience seats at the Veterans Memorial Building in Columbus, Ohio. Artists pictured include Jimi Hendrix (March 3, 1968), Simon and Garfunkel (April 21, 1968), and Vanilla Fudge (April 28, 1968); there is one unidentified photograph.

ARC-0090 Genesis Collection, 2007, undated, 0.21 l.f.
The Genesis Collection is comprised of items surrounding the announcement and subsequent "Turn It On Again" concert tour in 2007. Items included are photographs from the tour press conference, tour booklets, and concert stage schematics. The collection provides insight into the process of creating and marketing a highly anticipated concert tour.

ARC-0091 Christopher McLallen Photographs, 2007-2009, 1.0 l.f.
The Christopher McLallen Photographs consist of six portraits of musicians and rock groups. Artists include KT Tunstall, Alejandro Escovedo, the Silversun Pickups, The Dirty Projectors, and The Mystery Jets.

ARC-0092 Øyvind Svele Photographs, 2005, 2010, 1.9 l.f.
The Øyvind Svele Photographs collection contains images of the bands R.E.M. and Metallica from concerts held in Norway in 2005 and 2010. The R.E.M. photographs were printed as a set and sold by the band through their official website. Included here are two oversize lithographs, two 8" x 10" matted prints, and a set of postcards. There are also two 8" x 10" prints from a Metallica concert: one of Robert Trujillo and the other of James Hetfield. The collection provides visual evidence of band marketing techniques.

ARC-0093 Sue Cassidy Clark Collection, 1966-1974, undated, 7.0 l.f.
The Sue Cassidy Clark Collection spans the years 1966 to 1974 and includes undated material. The collection focuses on artists in the San Francisco psychedelic rock scene as well as prominent rock bands of that era. The collection is mainly comprised of interviews Clark conducted on audiocassettes, along with the associated transcripts. Also included is biographical research and clippings on the artists Clark interviewed and wrote about, and flyers and pamphlets for bands and artists performing in and around the San Francisco bay area. Artists of note include Credence Clearwater Revival, Cream, The Doors, The Grateful Dead, Jefferson Airplane, and The Rolling Stones. Clark's collection provides a behind-the-scenes look at rock music journalism and the research and primary source material necessary to the writing process.

ARC-0094 Kiss Poster, 1975 April 19, 1.75 l.f.
The Kiss Poster is a reproduction concert poster from a performance held at William Fremd High School in Palatine, Illinois on April 19, 1975. The concert was sponsored by the school's booster club in hopes of raising money to build a sign to promote upcoming events in front of the school. The Viking's Booster Club received a list of bands that would be in the area from a locate promoter, and the students were allowed to vote for which band they would like to see. The winner, Kiss, was touring with Rush and Rockandy at the time. The reproduction is signed on the back by the donor, Michael R. Powers, and numbered #19 of 19--denoting a limited print run. The collection showcases the marketing of two groups (Kiss and Rush), who were both on the verge of becoming mainstream rock and roll success stories. Seen in a broader context, the collection provides insights into the touring circuit of the mid-1970s, how those shows were promoted, and the performers of that era.

ARC-0095 Joe Walsh Lyrics, undated, 1.25 l.f.
The Joe Walsh Lyrics consist of the handwritten and signed lyrics to "Life's Been Good."

ARC-0096 Bobbi Cowan Public Relations Artist Files, 1956-1997, undated, 0.21 l.f.
The Bobbi Cowan Public Relations Artist Files consist of photographs, clippings, press kits, and correspondence related to Bobbi Cowan, an artist manager. Artists featured in the collection include the Doors, Kathleen Bunny Gibson, Prince, and Spinal Tap. Cowan’s files provide documentation of the importance of the client-agent relationship, as well as a behind-the-scenes look at being an artist and manager in the rock music industry.

ARC-0098 Jules Fisher Papers, 1974-1978, undated, 2.0 l.f.
The Jules Fisher Papers consist of business files for Fisher's lighting production company and five 1/4-inch audio tape reels of performances by David Bowie. The business files are made up of tour schematics, tour contracts, stage design, and personnel information. Artists of note include David Bowie, KISS, Parliament-Funkadelic, and The Rolling Stones. Fisher's papers provide insight to the process of producing a rock and roll concert, specifically the special effects and stage design.

ARC-0099 Letter from President Bill Clinton to 1996 Hall of Fame Inductees, 1996 January 16, 0.07 l.f.
The Presidential Letter to 1996 Hall of Fame Inductees is a typewritten letter from President Bill Clinton congratulating David Bowie, Tom Donahue, Gladys Knight and the Pips, Jefferson Airplane, Little Willie John, Pink Floyd, Pete Seeger, The Shirelles, and the Velvet Underground on their induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1996. Accompanying correspondence from James A. Dorskind, Special Assistant to the President, outlines the purposes for which the presidential letter may and may not be used.

ARC-0100 Norm N. Nite Papers, 1983-2009, undated, 0.21 l.f.
The Norm N. Nite Papers showcase Nite's career as a radio personality as well as a member of the Board of Trustees for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum. The papers consists of biographical information, correspondence, photographs, printed materials, sound recordings, and general Rock and Roll Fall of Fame information. Researchers interested in the formation of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Foundation and Museum will find the correspondence series and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame information series of use.

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