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Archival Collections: ARC-0501 to ARC-0550

Archival Collections, ARC-501 through ARC-550

ARC-0500 2 Live Crew Obscenity Trial Document, 1992, 0.07 l.f.
The 2 Live Crew Obscenity Trial Document is a reprint that summarizes the trial held in the United States Court of Appeals, Eleventh Circuit, on May 7, 1992. This trial occurred after a sheriff in Broward County, Florida, obtained an order to prevent the selling of the album As Nasty As They Wanna Be by the rap group 2 Live Crew.

ARC-0501 Douglas Boarman Collection, 1980, 0.07 l.f.
The Douglas Boarman Collection contains two items from 1980. The first is a teletype Associated Press bulletin from the night that John Lennon was murdered. The second item is an autographed tour program for the Pretenders.

ARC-0502 Vee-Jay Records Log Books, 1953-1968, 0.21 l.f.
The Vee-Jay Records Log Books document all of the records released by Vee-Jay from 1953-1968. These two books feature handwritten entries that list the record number, title of song, and artist. There is also one typewritten page of releases that could not be found in the books.

ARC-0503 Tony Smith Photographs, 1951-1954, undated, 0.07 l.f.
The Tony Smith Photographs consist of 39 black-and-white photographs of various musicians and performers from the 1950s. Two of the photographs contain handwritten dates, one from 1951 (taken at Bop City in San Francisco) and one from a club in Lake Tahoe in 1954. Many of the photographs are inscribed to Johnny Kirkwood, who played drums for Louis Jordan. There are three photographs of Jordan, and one of Duke Ellington; researchers may be able to help identify other musicians.

ARC-0504 The Bayou: DC's Killer Joint Collection, 1916-2012, 11.0 l.f.
The Bayou: DC's Killer Joint Collection contains the source material for a documentary film by the same name. The materials date from 1916 through 2012, and include some undated items. The collection is split into two series: papers and photographs, and audiovisual materials. The primary focus of the collection is the Bayou's years as a rock and roll nightclub, but there is some information about the music it hosted prior to 1965.

ARC-0505 Flemming Rasmussen Photographs, 1988, undated, 0.14 l.f.
The Flemming Rasmussen Photographs document Rasmussen's work as a producer and engineer for bands such as Metallica, Morbid Angel, and Rainbow. The collection contains 34 photographs of Rasmussen and various artists in the recording studio during the 1980s and 1990s.

ARC-0506 Johnny Cash Tour Bus Manual, 1979-1982, 0.42 l.f.
The Johnny Cash Tour Bus Manual is a list of service parts for the MC-9 Crusader II Intercity Coach. It also contains illustrations of the various parts on the bus. The manual was published by Motor Coach Industries LTD, and each page is stamped with a different date, ranging from January 1979 to November 1982. Johnny Cash's name is written on the front cover in pen.

National Archives NHPRCARC-0507 Leonard Clark Collection of Picture Sleeves, 1978-1987, 0.42 l.f.
The Leonard Clark Collection of Picture Sleeves contains 447 picture sleeves for 45 RPM records for popular music in the 1980s. The sleeves include but are not limited to: Pat Benatar, Aretha Franklin, Whitney Houston, Billy Idol, Elton John, Billy Joel, Janet Jackson, Mick Jagger, REO Speedwagon, and Toto. The collection provides insight into the marketing and design for popular record singles of the 1980s.

ARC-0508 John Oates Collection, 2006-2013, 1.0 l.f.
The John Oates Collection contains four items that document part of this artist's career. Of note is an autographed tour program from Hall and Oates' 2011 tour of Japan. Another item of interest is a 39-page printout from an online blog that details the history of a diner in Pottstown, Pennsylvania, that was used as the cover art for Hall and Oates' second album, Abandoned Luncheonette.

ARC-0509 Bob Rossbach Photographs, 1988-1995, undated, 0.63 l.f.
The Bob Rossbach Photographs document the music scene in Cleveland, Ohio, from 1988-1995. The photographs are separated into two series, concerts and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum. This collection will be of interest to researchers looking for early Rock and Roll Hall of Fame events, venues no longer in existence, as well as how the city and people of Cleveland appeared during this time period.

ARC-0510 Gregory Grieco Photographs, 1992, undated, 0.14 l.f.
The Gregory Grieco Photographs consist of 40 color photos taken at concerts during the 1990s. They are primarily of the groups 7 Year Bitch and Hammerbox, with a single photograph each of the Supersuckers and X. The venues these photographs were taken at include the Grog Shop (Cleveland Heights, Ohio), First Avenue (Minnesota, Minneapolis), and the Moore Theatre (Seattle, Washington). Several photographs were taken backstage, or show the audience.

ARC-0511 Harmonyville Music Festival Poster, 1970 August, 4.0 l.f.
The Harmonyville Music Festival Poster documents a music festival that never occurred. Scheduled to take place August 4-9, 1970 in Walpack, New Jersey, Harmonyville was cancelled two weeks prior due to a court injunction brought by the state, based on the community's fears regarding the events that unfolded at Woodstock the previous summer.

ARC-0512 Boston Punk Collection, 1961-1982, undated, 0.42 l.f.
The Boston Punk Collection consists of clippings, correspondence, flyers, press kits, and zines documenting the Boston punk scene in the latter half of the 1970s. Portions of the collection appear to have formerly belonged to Liz Ireland, a local music critic.

National Archives NHPRCARC-0513 Ted Patterson "History of Rock and Roll" 1/4-Inch Audio Tapes, 1969, 1.0 l.f.
The Ted Patterson "History of Rock and Roll" 1/4-Inch Audio Tapes are dated circa 1969. The collection consists of 25 reel to reel 1/4-inch audio tapes for an Armed Forces Radio Network show titled "History of Rock and Roll."

ARC-0514 Poster of Chuck Berry, 2014, 1.34 l.f.
The Poster of Chuck Berry documents Berry's 200th performance at the night club Blueberry Hill in St. Louis, Missouri. The poster is signed by Berry, his band members, and Joe Edwards, the owner of the club.

ARC-0517 Cleveland Scene Photographs, 1925-2008, undated, 38.22 l.f.
The Cleveland Scene Photographs contain promotional and concert photographs collected and used by Scene magazine from the 1970s through approximately 2006. Photos dated earlier exist throughout the collection, and there is one file that dates from 2008. The collection is split into national touring acts and those from Northeast Ohio. This separation retains the original order as filed by Scene. The concert photographs will be of interest to researchers studying Cleveland's rock and roll history, and the promotional photographs will be useful to anyone looking for images of popular bands during the last quarter of the 20th century.

ARC-0519 Kim Norris Collection on Hall and Oates, 1988-2012, undated, 4.07 l.f.
The Kim Norris Collection on Hall and Oates spans the years 1988 to 2012, and consists of a promotional poster for their thirteenth studio album Ooh Yeah!, a promotional card for fifteenth studio album Marigold Sky, color photocopies of the Northeast Ohio entertainment guide TGIF with covers featuring Hall and Oates, a color photocopy of an autographed promotional photograph of Hall and Oates, and color photographic prints of Hall and Oates and past and present members of their band, including Mike Braun (drums), Charlie DeChant (sax, keyboards), Brian Dunn (drums), Klyde Jones (bass), Bobby Mayo (keyboards, deceased 2004), Paul Pesco (guitar), and Tom "T-Bone" Wolk (bass, deceased 2010).

ARC-0520 Billy Preston-University of Wyoming Contract, 1971 December 31, 0.07 l.f.
The Billy Preston-University of Wyoming Contract is an American Federation of Musicians (AFM) Agreement No. 6, which details a 60 minute performance by Preston to be given at the University of Wyoming Fieldhouse (Laramie, Wyoming) on Friday, February 11, 1972, for $1,500.

ARC-0521 George McGovern Campaign Concert Poster, 1972, 3.0 l.f.
The George McGovern Campaign Concert Poster documents a fundraising concert held to support George McGovern's 1972 presidential campaign. The date of the concert was April 15, 1972, and it was held at the Forum in Los Angeles, California. The headliners were Carole King, Barbra Streisand, and James Taylor, with Quincy Jones and his orchestra. The concert also featured assorted Hollywood celebrities as ushers, including Warren Beatty, Jack Nicholson, and James Earl Jones. It is likely the first rock concert held to benefit a political candidate.

ARC-0523 Swingos Collection, 1970-2000, undated, 1.48 l.f.
The Swingos Collection documents the hotel and restaurants owned and operated by Jim Swingos in Cleveland, Ohio, during the 1970s. It contains photographs, color negatives, menus from Swingos' restaurants, and a file for Elvis Presley's 1974 tour stop in Cleveland.

ARC-0524 Snoop Dogg Collection, undated, 0.07 l.f.
The Snoop Dogg Collection contains five undated items documenting the rapper's career. It contains a color Polaroid photograph of the artist early in his career, as well as several pages of lyrics. The lyrics are identified by song title and author where known.

ARC-0525 Vini Lopez Collection, 1963-2012, undated, 1.13 l.f.
The Vini Lopez Collection contains two scrapbooks, photographs, and set lists that document Lopez's career, both as a musician and a professional golf caddie. The focus of the collection is on the bands Lopez was a member of after his tenure with Bruce Springsteen; however, the collection contains several photographs of Springsteen with other members of the E Street Band. The newspaper clippings found in the scrapbooks document the Jersey Shore music scene, specifically that of Asbury Park during the 1970s and 1980s.

ARC-0526 Apple Records Poster, undated, 4.0 l.f.
The Apple Records Poster advertises a promotion for a free sticker when the customer buys a Beatles album on cassette. An example of the sticker(s) is affixed to the poster. The poster was printed in the United States and is not dated.

ARC-0527 "Don't Call Me Mama Anymore" Score, undated, 1.0 l.f.
The "Don't Call Me Mama Anymore" Score is a piano-conductor part for this song performed by Cass Elliott. A live album with the same title was released in 1973; this score is undated.

ARC-0528 WSHJ Who Concert Flyer, 1967, 0.07 l.f.
The WSHJ Who Concert Flyer documents a concert by the Who given at Southfield Senior High School in Southfield, Michigan, on November 22, 1967. One of the opening bands was the Amboy Dukes, featuring Ted Nugent. The flyer is a two-sided mimeographed document that was given to attendees of the concert.

ARC-0531 Big Day Out Collection, 1992-2014, 4.14 l.f.
The Big Day Out Collection contains documents and posters related to the advertising and planning of the Big Day Out music festival in Australia. It includes a poster and flyer from the first festival in 1992, as well as posters from nearly every other year through 2014. The documents include artist itineraries, stage and site designs, and clippings.

National Archives NHPRCARC-0535 Garry Benko Photographs of Kiss and Cheap Trick, 1979. 0.07 l.f.
The Garry Benko Photographs of Kiss and Cheap Trick consists of 43 photographs of the band Kiss and two photographs of Rick Nielsen of Cheap Trick. The majority of the photographs are 8 x 10-inch; one photograph is 8 x 12-inch. Most of the photographs are in color, but there are four black and white photos of Gene Simmons. According to the donor, the photos are from a concert from the Dynasty tour in Toronto, Ontario, on August 4, 1979, but as Cheap Trick didn't appear to have been the opening act for Kiss on that date, there is some uncertainty as to when and where the photographs were taken. The Dynasty tour was the final tour to feature the original Kiss lineup until Peter Criss rejoined the band in 1996. The photographs vary in quality but depict many aspects of the costumes and stage show of Kiss in the late 1970s.

ARC-0533 Euclid Beach Band Collection, 1978, 0.07 l.f.
The Euclid Beach Band Collection includes a draft of the 7-inch single sleeve and typewritten lyrics with handwritten notes to "There's No Surf in Cleveland, U.S.A." The title of the song is from an unreleased Eric Carmen piece, and was recorded with vocalists John Hart and Pete Hewitt as well as other local musicians. The Euclid Beach Band donated all proceeds from the song to Cleveland-area charities, which prompted considerable media exposure and resulted in the 10,000-copy pressing selling out. The success landed the band with the Cleveland International label, with Carmen as producer.

National Archives NHPRCARC-0536 Eric Richards Collection of T.A.M.I. Show Legal Documents, 1964. 0.92 l.f.
The Eric Richards Collection of T.A.M.I. Show Legal Documents is dated 1964. This collection contains signed contracts for Lesley Gore and Marvin Gaye. There are also original legal documents from Electronovision regarding licensing agreements to play various songs on the show, including "It's My Party," "Little Old Lady from Pasadena," "Johnny B Goode," and more. Additional legal documents include copyright transfer documents and performance contracts for off-stage singers, letters of understanding, memoranda, distribution agreements, and other legal and accounting documents. A cover sheet mentions artist agreements for James Brown, Jan and Dean, and the Beach Boys, which are not included. This collection will give researchers insight into the diversity of music and the production of music films in the 1960s.

ARC-0537 Fred Masciarelli Photographs, 1976-1978, 0.07 l.f.
The Fred Masciarelli Photographs were shot by Masciarelli between 1976 and 1978 at Maple Leaf Gardens and Massey Hall, both in Toronto, Canada. The collection includes 23 digitized images of the photographs on CD-R. Artists featured include Jethro Tull's Ian Anderson, the Bryan Ferry Band, Peter Frampton, Peter Gabriel, Queen's Freddie Mercury, Bruce Springsteen, Rod Stewart, and Frank Zappa.

ARC-0539 Wally Bryson Collection, 1974-2014, undated. 1.55 l.f.
The Wally Bryson Collection documents Bryson's work with the Raspberries and other projects primarily from 1978-2014. The collection contains news clippings on Raspberries reunion concerts and Bryson's career; correspondence; a press kit for Fotomaker, the group Bryson formed after the Raspberries; photographs, including one of the Raspberries with Keith Moon; and an autographed poster for the Wally Bryson Group. The correspondence includes printed email from 1998 and a fan letter written to Bryson circa 1974, after the Raspberries changed their original line-up.

ARC-0543 Bill Anderson Collection, 1937-2013, undated, 8 l.f.
The Bill Anderson Collection contains documents that relate to Anderson's radio shows with WRUW as well as his academic interests of jazz and rhythm and blues, specifically in Cleveland, Ohio. Most materials date between 1970-1990; the earliest items are copies of articles from the Cleveland newspaper Call and Post from the 1930s. The collection is divided into files related to Anderson's radio programs and his music research. The radio files contain Anderson's radio show playlists and station program guides. The music files include his research on jazz, rhythm and blues, and Cleveland rock music, as well as documents from his time as part of the Northeast Ohio Jazz Society and items from Cuyahoga Community College Jazz Festivals.

ARC-0544 Michael Sawyer Photographs, 2011-2013, 0.92 l.f.
The Michael Sawyer Photographs consist of 11 black-and-white photographs of rock band Fitz and the Tantrums and 12 color photographs of rock bands Capital Cities, Chris Cornell, Garbage, Jewel, Korn, Mastodon, Santigold, Slash, and Slayer. The photographs come from concerts held at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum and other greater-Cleveland venues.

ARC-0545 Photographs of Nick Clemons, 2013, undated, 0.92 l.f.
The Nick Clemons Collection contains two black-and-white photographs, one featuring Nick Clemons with his father Clarence Clemons, saxophonist for the E Street Band. It is a limited edition print issued in 2013. The other photograph promotes the Nick Clemons Band. Both photographs are signed by Nick Clemons.

National Archives NHPRCARC-0546 Glastonbury Festival Collection, 1970-2014, 4.21 l.f.
The Glastonbury Festival Collection is dated 1970-2014 and contains undated materials. It includes correspondence, photographs, posters, and related ephemera. The earliest item is a reproduction of a newspaper ad for the 1970 festival. The collection then jumps ahead to 1989 with ephemera such as letterhead, and staff passes and guides from the 1990s and includes pieces from the Glastonbury Free Press. The collection provides insight into the history of the Glastonbury Festival, features the wide range of people who attend, and gives a behind-the-scenes look into this popular festival.

ARC-0547 Talking Heads poster, 1980, 4.0 l.f.
The Talking Heads Poster promotes two shows that the band performed in Paris, France, on December 3 and 4, 1980. The artwork features two boys in wheelchairs with guns; a signature likely by Jerry Harrison can be found written across one of the boys.

ARC-0548 Public Enemy Poster, 1994, 4.0 l.f.
The Public Enemy Poster is a promotional poster for the song "Give It Up," from their 1994 album Muse Sick-N-Hour Mess Age. The poster features black-and-white graphic art with a portrait of the group in the center.

National Archives NHPRCARC-0549 Ron Byrd Collection of Tour Itineraries, 1999, 0.07 l.f.
The Ron Byrd Collection of Tour Itineraries are for the 1999 Hard Knock Life Tour. The collection contains four itineraries, two for Part One of the tour (February and March 1999) and the other two for Part Two of the tour (April and May 1999). The tour featured Jay-Z, DMX, Method Man, and Redman. The collection provides insight into the tour process for Jay-Z, DMX, Method Man, and Redman.

ARC-0550 Bruce Springsteen and the Cleveland Boys Collection, 1976, 1999, undated, 0.07 l.f.
The Bruce Springsteen and Cleveland Boys Collection includes an article on the relationship between Springsteen and the Boys in Sunday Beacon Magazine from August 8, 1999, as well as a program for a Springsteen concert at Hall Auditorium at Miami University on October 10, 1976, and a poster for the Cleveland Boys "with special guest Bruce Springsteen" for six nights in May at the Coliseum. The collection is arranged by format, smallest item to largest.

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