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Archival Collections: ARC-0801 to ARC-0850

Archival Collections, ARC-0801 through ARC-0850

National Archives NHPRCARC-0801 Donald G. Jones Montclairs Clippings, 1965, 0.92 l.f.
The collection consists of one 10 x 13-inch cardboard with two mounted clippings - Cash Box charts, and short article on the song "Happy Feet." Signed by Donald G. Jones.

National Archives NHPRCARC-0805 Jesse R. Farley Collection on the Soul Stirrers, 1960-1982, 0.07 l.f.
The collection consists of four black-and-white photographs of Jesse Farley and the Soul Stirrers and is dated 1960-1982.

National Archives NHPRCARC-0806 John Lee Hooker Poster and Postcards, 1995, undated, 4.07 l.f.
The John Lee Hooker Poster and Postcards contain one promotional poster for "Chill Out," and two promotional postcards for "Chill Out" and "Bluesman." The materials are signed by Hooker. The poster is dated 1995 and the postcards are undated. The materials provide a glimpse into the image John Lee Hooker projected to his fans and the public.

National Archives NHPRCARC-0807 Victoria Dorsey Poster of Les Paul Guitars, 1992, 4.0 l.f.
The Victoria Dorsey Poster of Les Paul Guitars consists of one, 22 x 34-inch black-and-white poster depicting six illustrations of Les Paul Collector Series No. 1 guitars. The poster is dated 1992.

National Archives NHPRCARC-0810 Jillian Grenig Britney Spears Poster, 1999, 2.5 l.f.
The collection consists of one homemade Britany Spears fan poster and is dated August 26, 1999. The poster is 22 x 27-inch and includes cut out magazine photographs of Britney Spears.

National Archives NHPRCARC-0812 Vicky Hamilton Collection on Guns N' Roses, 1985-1986, 0.07 l.f.
The Vicky Hamilton Collection on Guns N' Roses contains a variety of materials relating to the early years of Guns N' Roses, including correspondence, photographs, promotional materials, financial materials, and artwork. The items in the collection date from the years 1985 and 1986. Some of the items predate the formation of Guns N' Roses, such as the photocopy of a photograph of Hollywood Rose, which was Axl Rose and Izzy Stradlin's previous band. The copy of the Guns N' Roses logo artwork shows a couple of variations of the band's logo as a work in progress; the final logo can be seen on the promotional postcard in the collection. Vicky Hamilton's connection to Guns N' Roses is displayed throughout the collection; her name and phone number are given on the promo postcard, and the letter from Tom Zutaut of Geffen Records is addressed to Hamilton, thanking her for meeting with him and introducing him to the members of Guns N' Roses. Zutaut mentions seeing the band perform at the Troubadour the previous Friday, and a copy of the band's financial statement from the venue is included in the collection, showing their earnings and expenses. The other financial item in the collection is a check to the members of Guns N' Roses from Geffen Records, serving as a $37,500 advance. (The check is made out to all five members of the band, but Slash's name is misspelled as "Stash".) The dates on the materials in the collection give some sense of the timeframe in which the band achieved success, and the collection provides a snapshot of the band's career when it was first beginning to take off.

National Archives NHPRCARC-0813 Debby Wolfinsohn Collection of Zines and Flyers, 1992-1993, undated, 0.07 l.f.
The Debby Wolfinsohn Collection of Zines and Flyers consist of pages from the zine, Satan Wears A Bra, and flyers for the Debmutant Ball and Satan Wears A Bra. The materials are dated 1992 to 1993 and contain undated items. The items document the Riot Grrrl movement.

National Archives NHPRCARC-0814 Ronald D. Marx Collection, 1957, 0.07 l.f.
The Ronald D. Marx collection is dated 1957. The collection contains 69 black-and-white negatives (eight sheets) and six black-and-white photograph contact sheets from Alan Freed's show, The Big Beat. This collection provides insight into the Cleveland taping of The Big Beat in 1957.

National Archives NHPRCARC-0815 Tina Mayfield Collection on Percy Mayfield and Lowell Fulson, 1974, 1984, undated, 0.07 l.f. 
The Tina Mayfield Collection on Percy Mayfield and Lowell Fulson contains items related to the life, music, and career of Percy Mayfield, along with a few materials related to the career of Lowell Fulson. Most of the materials in the collection are undated; the only exceptions are Percy Mayfield's royalty statements from Atlantic Records, which date from 1974, and the funeral ceremony program for Percy Mayfield from August 17, 1984. Five promotional photographs are included in the collection; two feature Lowell Fulson, and three, Percy Mayfield. There are six handwritten lyric sheets for songs written by Mayfield, some of which contain crossed out or amended lyrics, and a single typed page. The collection also contains two handwritten saxophone parts from arrangements of Mayfield songs. A flyer for the Percy Mayfield Scholarship and Memorial Foundation gives evidence of some of Tina Mayfield's charitable activities towards students in the Los Angeles area after Percy Mayfield's death.

National Archives NHPRCARC-0816 Lance McCormick Collection of Stephens Electronic, Inc., 1969-1982, undated, 0.07 l.f.
The Lance McCormick Collection on Stephens Electronics, Inc. is dated 1969 to 1982, and contains undated materials. The collection includes nine black-and-white photographs of Stephens Electronics, Inc. tape machines, nine company promotional brochures, and correspondence and clippings relating to the tape machines.

National Archives NHPRCARC-0817 Roy Mills Everly Brothers Program, 1960, 0.07 l.f.
The Roy Mills Everly Brothers Program consists of a tour program from the band’s 1960 UK tour.

National Archives NHPRCARC-0818 Natalie Merchant Ophelia Postcards, 1998, 0.07 l.f.
The Natalie Merchant Ophelia Postcards consist of a set of 21 promotional postcards from Merchant’s 1998 album, Ophelia.

National Archives NHPRCARC-0819 Liverpool Flyer, undated, 0.07 l.f.
Flyer for the band "Liverpool" (Beatles tribute band) for undated shows at Piccadilly Tube in Toronto, Canada.

National Archives NHPRCARC-0820 Nick Nicholis Akron Punk Collection, 1980-1996, 0.07 l.f.
The Nick Nicholis Akron Punk Collection contains promotional materials and records related to the punk rock/new wave scene in Akron, Ohio, in the late 1970s/early 1980s. The Bizarros press kit appears to date from the band's 1996 reunion and compiles reviews and press quotes from the late 1970s, including reviews from Robert Christgau in the Village Voice and Ken Tucker in Rolling Stone. The 45rpm single, "The Cube/Underground", by Bizarros, was released by the French record label Sordide Sentimental and includes a poster with lyrics, photographs, and a lengthy piece about an apocalyptic scenario written in French by Jean-Pierre Turmel entitled "A L'angle Des Tourments" (At The Angle of Torment). A small sheet with an English translation is included, along with a clipping of a quote by Soren Kierkegaard, who is quoted at the beginning of Turmel's story. A poster from Akron-based record label Clone Records features stylized artwork and advertises two new record releases--a single by Tin Huey ("English Kids/Sister Rose"), and a compilation LP entitled "Bowling Balls From Hell" that features many bands and musicians from the Akron area, including The Waitresses, Denis Defrange, Ralph Carney, and David Thomas of Pere Ubu. The collection helps provide information on the Akron music scene circa 1980, including examples of how bands like the Bizarros were marketed on the local, national, and international levels.

National Archives NHPRCARC-0821 Bruce Pavitt Subterranean Pop Fanzine, 1980, 0.07 l.f.
The Bruce Pavitt Sub Pop Collection is dated 1980-1988. The collection consists of the first Subterranean Pop fanzine dated 1980 in addition to Sub Pop 100 compilation LP, Sub Pop 200 compilation LPs, and Rag Doll by Green River. The collection provides insight into the early Seattle grunge music scene and the development of a successful independent record label.

ARC-0822 Hill and Range Songs, Inc. Records, 1924-2011, undated, 58l.f.
Hill and Range Songs, Inc. Records contain the business records of Hill and Range Songs, Inc., a music publishing company founded in 1945 by Jean and Julian Aberbach. The materials date from 1924 through 2011, with the bulk of the files covering the period between 1945-1974. The collection contains business correspondence, copies of litigation (e.g., notices of copyright infringement, affidavits), and contracts. Type of contracts found in the collection include: Copyright License Agreements, General Agreements, Standard Songwriters Contracts, Standard Uniform Popular Songwriters Contracts, Term Writers Agreements, Subpublishing Agreements, Amendments, and Mechanical License Agreements. Of note are the materials related to Doc Pomus, which include files for 50 individual songs. Other songwriters featured with a significant amount of documentation include Bennie Benjamin, Roy C. Bennett, Otis Blackwell, Mack David, Thomas Dorsey, Florence Kaye, Jerry Leiber, Al Lewis, Kal Mann, Sol Marcus, Bob Merrill, Steve Nelson, Aaron Schroeder, Mort Shuman, Mike Stoller, Sid Tepper, Kay Twomey, Cindy Walker, Fats Waller, Sid Wayne, Ben Weisman, and Fred Wise. Many of these individuals wrote songs for Elvis Presley, whose work was published by Hill and Range, and the collection likely contains a file for anyone who wrote a song recorded by Presley. The open portion of the collection is arranged alphabetically by songwriter.

ARC-0823 Pete Gulyas Collection, 1978-2012, 2.71 l.f.
The Pete Guylas collection is dated 1978to 2012, with some undated material. The collection consists of four series: Series I: Album flats and Sleeves, Series II: Magazines, Series III: Posters and Flyers, and Series IV: Wild Giraffes. Series I is arranged alphabetically by artists and consists of album flats and sleeves dated 1978 to 2004. Series II consists on once issue of DIScoveries magazine and several digitized images of Veland magazine. Series III is arranged alphabetically by venue and then artist. It contains posters from venues in the Cleveland area, including the Beachland Ballroom, the Grog Shop, Pat’s in the Flats, and many others. Series IV consists primarily of fan club materials for Wild Giraffes. The collection provides insight into the local music scene in Cleveland, Ohio during the late twentieth and early twenty-first century.

National Archives NHPRCARC-0824 Richard Aquila "Rock & Roll America" Collection, 1998-1999, undated, 1.57 l.f. 
The Richard Aquila "Rock & Roll America" Collection is dated 1998-1999, and contains undated materials. The collection consists of 64 audiocassette recordings of the "Rock & Roll America" radio show program. The format of the program alternated between four approaches: programs focused on specific musical styles; various performers; special themes; and specific years in rock and roll history. The master list contains a chronological list of the recordings as well as a list of the individuals interviewed for the show. It also contains a master list with background information about the radio show, press kit, and promotional materials, including stickers and stationary. The collection provides insight into the topics explored on "Rock & Roll America" through its historical commentary, songs, and interviews with performers, producers, disc jockeys, and experts.

National Archives NHPRCARC-0826 Francis X. Zanks Collection on the Beatles, 2014, 0.07 l.f.
The Francis X. Zanks Collection on the Beatles is dated February 2014. The collection contains two full color reproduction photographs of Beatles' instruments and band equipment. The photographs were originally purchased at Beatles Fest in New York City, New York.

National Archives NHPRCARC-0827 Danny Kresky Photographs and Posters, 1974-1979, 2.5 l.f.
The Danny Kresky Collection is dated 1974 to 1979. It consists of five photographs of Pink Floyd at Three Rivers Stadium in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and four concert posters for Pink Floyd, Who, Chicago, Lynyrd Skynyrd, and the Doobies Brothers. The collection provides insight into how bands were promoted in the 1970s.

National Archives NHPRCARC-0828 Janet Pfaff Collection on Kristen Pfaff, 1985-1994, undated, 0.21 l.f. 
The Janet Pfaff Collection on Kristen Pfaff, 1985-1994, undated, consists of a funeral card for Kristen Pfaff, three literary essays written by Kristen in high school and college relating to music and being an artist, and four personal photographs of Kristen. The photographs include casual snapshots of Kristen, her senior portrait, and high school dance photograph. The collection also includes letterhead and an advertisement for Janitor Joe.

ARC-0829 Kathryn Reesman Rascals Program, 1968, 1.34 l.f.National Archives NHPRC
The collection consists of a program for the Rascals dated 1968.

National Archives NHPRCARC-0830 Max Espinosa Zac Brown Band Poster, 2016, 0.92 l.f.
The Zac Brown Band Poster is from the 2016 Black Out the Sun Tour. It is numbered 107 of 500.

ARC-0831 Michael Stanley Notebook and Photograph, 1983, 0.07 l.f.
The Michael Stanley Notebook and Photograph document the Michael Stanley Band's ninth album, You Can't Fight Fashion, released in 1983. The notebook contains song lyrics to many of the songs on this album, including "My Town," "Fire in the Hole," "Hard Time," "Just Give Me Tonight," and "Highlife." There are also several songs that do not appear on any of the group's albums or Stanley's other releases. The photograph shows the band with Dick Clark following their appearance on American Bandstand on November 12, 1983. These items will be of interest to researchers looking at popular music from the early 1980s, or those interested in Cleveland music history.

ARC-0832 Scott Boyd Offspring Tour Itineraries, 1998-1999, 0.07 l.f.
The Scott Boyd Offspring Tour itineraries are dated 1998-1999 and consist of two tour itineraries for the band's Americana tour.

National Archives NHPRCARC-0833 Radio Disney Flyers, undated, 0.07 l.f.
The Radio Disney Flyers are undated and consists of two copies of flyer "Meet the DJs of Radio Disney," which includes 6 x 9-inch, color, photographs of DJs; phone, address, and website information on verso. The flyers were used to promote the Radio Disney station.

National Archives NHPRCARC-0836 Barbara Riedel Collection, 1964, undated, 0.92 l.f. 
The Barbara Riedel Collection consists primarily of promotional magazines and posters related to the Beatles, along with three items related to other performers from the 1960s. The non-Beatles portion of the collection consists of a single newspaper clipping on audience reaction to the Rolling Stones during their appearance on the Mike Douglas show, and two scraps of paper containing autographs. One document has autographs of two members of the Monkees, Mike Nesmith and Davy Jones; while the other contains autographs of TV host Mike Douglas, and Rolling Stones members Bill Wyman, Brian Jones, and Charlie Watts. The Beatles magazines, booklets, and pamphlets contain a variety of content, such as song lyrics, articles and interviews, and photographs. One promotional magazine is solely dedicated to the making of the film A Hard Day's Night. The two large posters contain black-and-white images of members of the Beatles, displayed against red or pink-colored backgrounds. The collection as a whole illustrates a fan-based collection and, more specifically, ways in which the Beatles were marketed during 1964.

National Archives NHPRCARC-0838 Dr. Wayne Risius Audio Recordings on Muddy Waters, 1982, undated, 0.21 l.f. 
The Dr. Wayne Risius Audio Recordings on Muddy Waters contain 1/4-inch analog audio tapes that document the production of Muddy Waters' album, Mississippi Rollin' Stone, released by record label Stack-O-Hits. Master reel #1 appears to have been recorded in early 1982 and includes 10 tracks. Master reel #2 is undated and includes 5 tracks. The LP test pressing of the album is unlabeled. These recordings could provide insight into Waters’ recording methodology, studio work, and record label collaborations.

National Archives NHPRCARC-0839 David J. Mears Collection of Concert Programs, 1981-1989, 1.34 l.f.
The David J. Mears Collection of Concert Programs contains two souvenir concert programs, the Rolling Stones American Tour in 1981 and the Who rock opera "Tommy" program for Radio City Music Hall, New York, June 27, 1989, and Universal Amphitheater, Los Angeles, August 24, 1989. The collection provides a glimpse into the concerts and culture of rock music in the 1980s.

National Archives NHPRCARC-0840 Clash "Rude Boy" Poster and Program, 1980, 4.07 l.f.
The collection consists of one poster and program for the film "Rude Boy," which features footage of the Clash. The materials are dated 1980.

National Archives NHPRCARC-0844 Family Dog Concert Posters, 1992, 4.0 l.f.
The Family Dog Concert Posters consist of two replicas of an original poster created by artist, Ami Magill-Proctor for a Family Dog produced concert for Lovin' Spoon and Charlatans dated October 24, 1965. The replicas are dated 1992 and are signed by Magill.

National Archives NHPRCARC-0845 Jim Pojman Photographs of the Jimi Hendrix Experience, 1968 March 26, 0.07 l.f. 
The Jim Pojman Photographs of the Jimi Hendrix Experience contains 20 images from a Jimi Hendrix Experience concert on March 26, 1968 at Music Hall (Cleveland, Ohio), taken by Pojman. Photographs are all 5 by 7-inch black-and-white images, and depict Hendrix and other members of the band in performance.

National Archives NHPRCARC-0847 Larry Bruner Collection, 2012, 0.07 l.f., 1170 MB
The Larry Bruner Collection consists of one brochure (2012) for La Cave, a music venue that operated in Clevelandin the 60's, plus digital images of promotional photographs of blues and folk music artists that played La Cave. Artists promos include David Van Ronk, Doc Watson, Jesse Fuller, John Hammond, Reverend Gary Davis, and Willie Dixon. The brochure, which was created in 2012, includes a list of legendary acts that headlined La Cave between 1962-1969; as well as providing insight into the history of blues, folk and rock music in the Cleveland area during at the time.

National Archives NHPRCARC-0848 Sandy Massman Collection on the Righteous Brothers, 1960-2000, undated, 1.13 l.f.
The Sandy Massman Collection on the Righteous Brothers is dated 1963 to 2000, and contains undated materials. The collection consists of facsimiles of advertisements and handbills, photographs, tour programs, and publications featuring articles on the Righteous Brothers. The collection provides insight into how the Righteous Brothers were promoted.

National Archives NHPRCARC-0849 Maria Surovy Collection on New Kids on the Block, 2009-2009, 163 MB
The Maria Surovy Collection on New Kids on the Block consists of two digital images of concert ticket and set list from New Kids on the Block performance at Blossom Music Center, Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, June 23, 2009. The collection sheds light on choreographed stage cues and effects of a popular boy band during their reunion tour.

National Archives NHPRCARC-0850 Russell Sherman Collection of Cleveland Concert Flyers and Photograph, 0.07 l.f., 1520 MB
The Russell Sherman Collection of Cleveland Concert Flyers and Photograph consists of digital and physical flyers for Cleveland area concerts featuring bands: Pere Ubu, Kneecappers, Dr. Bloodmoney, Squelch, California Speedbag, and other artists from the Cleveland area. The collection will be ofinterest to researchers studying the history and promotion of rock concerts and venues in Cleveland in the 1970s and 1980s.

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