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Archival Collections: ARC-1001 to ARC-1050

Archival Collections, ARC-1001 to ARC-1050

National Archives NHPRCARC-1002 Lendon Hinkle Collection of Concert Programs and Clipping, 1985-1990, 1.34 l.f.
The Lendon Hinkle Collection of Concert Programs and Clipping dates from 1985-1990. Artists featured in the materials include Aerosmith, Robert Plant, Pink Floyd, Yes, Metallica, Rush, and Jimmy Page. The collection provides a glimpse into the concerts and culture of rock music in the 1980s and early 1990s.

ARC-1004 Suma Recording Studio Records, 1950-2000, 449.0 Items
The Suma Recording Studio Records includes 449 digitized files of business records contained in four (4) 3-ring binders created by the Cleveland Recording Company and Suma Recording Studio from 1950-2000, including signed receipts for master recordings, studio logs, release forms, and lists of master tapes.

National Archives NHPRCARC-1007 Nile Rodgers Lyrics and Photograph, undated, 4.07 l.f.
The collection consists of a color photograph of Nile Rodgers and handwritten lyrics to "Good Times." The materials are undated.

National Archives NHPRCARC-1008 Dave Treat Photographs of the Dead Boys, 1977, 1.13 l.f.
The Dave Treat Photographs of the Dead Boys contains 37 photographs and 56 digital images of the Dead Boys from 1977. Nine color photographs are of the band at the Agora in July 1977. The 28 black-and-white photographs were originally intended to form a press kit for the Dead Boys but were not used due to the addition of a change in line-up and appearance of the band. The photographs were published for the first time instead in Treat's book, Dead Boys 1977: The Lost Photographs of Dave Treat. The photos document the band's beginnings in Cleveland, with shots of the band taken throughout the city. This collection provides insight into the first wave of punk music, and the Dead Boys and the Cleveland punk scene in particular.

National Archives NHPRCARC-1014 Kit Moon Collection on Keith Moon, 1951-1978, undated, 2.64 l.f.
The Kit Moon Collection on Keith Moon is dated 1951, 1976-1978, and contains undated materials. The collection consists of materials collected by The Who's drummer's mother, including a 1951 report card for Moon; a letter on Moon's death from 1978; a napkin with the handwritten note, "Contact Elmar R-100 at Whisky Tommorow [sic];" a letter from Keep Britain United from 1976, thanking him for "displaying the Union Jack so prominently;" a press clipping from Jackie magazine (ca. 1971); a variety of photographs of Moon and the Beachcombers; and a birthday card written to him on a window display for the Odds & Sods album (ca. 1974).

ARC-1016 Sharon Fox Collection, 1957-2011, 2.71 l.f.
The Sharon Fox Collection spans the years 1957 to 2011 and primarily contains materials from 1968 to 1989. The collection is organized into series that contain Fox's article materials and photographs from her work as a journalist in Chicago, as well as the promotional material Fox had gathered. The article materials series includes clippings, correspondence, interviews, and periodicals relating to Fox's writings. Most notably, this series contains interview notes and photographs of David Bowie, Elton John, Paul McCartney, and Tiny Tim. The photograph series contains images Fox captured of rock stars outside of Chicago venues during the 1960s and 1970s, which includes photos of Aerosmith, Alice Cooper, Deep Purple, Jackson Browne, Michael Jackson, Mick Jagger, Elton John, Paul McCartney, John Mellencamp, Ringo Starr, John Lennon, Tiny Tim, and Frank Zappa. The promotional materials series contains flyers, handouts, postcards, records sleeves, sheet music, and trading cards of artists and bands. The collection provides insight into the evolving Chicago music scene during the 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s.

National Archives NHPRCARC-1018 Bill Glovin and Michael Billig Collection of Phil Ochs Lyrics, undated, 0.07 l.f. 
The Bill Glovin and Michael Billig Collection of Phil Ochs Lyrics consist of handwritten lyrics from Phil Ochs' 1969 album, Rehearsals for Retirement. The songs documented here include partial lyrics for "Another Age," "Pretty Smart on My Part," "The Scorpion Departs but Never Returns," and "William Butler Yeats Visits Lincoln Park and Escapes Unscathed." Songs that include full lyrics are "My Life," "The Doll House," and "Rehearsals for Retirement." Also noted on the lyrics are chords. "The Doll House" is written on the back of ""Pretty Smart on My Part," and one page of "The Scorpion Departs But Never Returns" is on the back of "My Life."

National Archives NHPRCARC-1021 Carlo Wolff Promotional Materials, 1956-2001, 0.63 l.f.
The Carlo Wolff Promotional Materials are dated 1956 to 2001 and include undated materials; the majority of the collection is promotional photographs from 1993 to 2001. Also included in the collection is a press kit for Miles Davis, press releases, and a postcard for a Nine Inch Nails tour. Artists represented in the collection include Judas Priest, Cher, Busta Rhymes, Miles Davis, O'Jays, Sam Phillips, Johnny Cash, and Elvis Presley. The promotional photographs illustrate how industry marketing differed depending on genre and decade and will be useful for those needing images of popular bands during the last quarter of the 20th century.

ARC-1024 Sherrie Backman Collection of Ken Regan Photographs, 1969-1975, undated, 0.07 l.f.
The Sherrie Backman Collection of Ken Regan Photographs consist of 17 black-and-white images of Johnny Cash, Charlie Daniels, Billy Joel, David Geffen, Peter Frampton, Creedence Clearwater Revival, the Allman Brothers, Buddy Guy, and Phil Ochs. Regan not only captured these individuals performing but also with their family and friends in more informal settings. The collection offers insight into Regan's decades-long career and his relationships with his subjects.

National Archives NHPRCARC-1027 Martin Webber Poster of Elvis Presley, 1984, 4.0 l.f.
The Martin Webber Poster of Elvis Presley consists of one reproduction of a concert poster for an Elvis Presley Show at the Florida Theatre. The poster is a 1984 reproduction of a 1956 poster, mounted on foam core.

National Archives NHPRCARC-1030 Debbie Smith Collection, 1977-1989, undated, 4.07 l.f.
The Debbie Smith Collection is dated 1977-1989 and contains undated materials. The collection consists of six postcards and six posters featuring the Grateful Dead, Eagles, Beatles, Doors, Pink Floyd, Mick Jagger, Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix, and Randy Rhoads.

National Archives NHPRCARC-1032 Vincent Kamin Collection of Nicholas DeSciose Photographs, 1964-1965, 5 l.f.
The Vincent Kamin Collection of Nicholas DeSciose Photographs contains 27 black-and-white photographs taken by Nicholas DeSciose. The photographs are 16 x 20-inch and feature the Beatles, Carl Perkins, Herman's Hermits, Freddie Garrity, and the Rolling Stones. The photographs of the Beatles include their concert at Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Denver, Colorado on August 26, 1964. There are also photos of the Rolling Stones concert at the Denver Coliseum in Denver, Colorado on November 29, 1965.

ARC-1035 Gabriel Tolliver "Fleecing Led Zeppelin" Collection, 2014, 1.67 l.f.
The Gabriel Tolliver "Fleecing Led Zeppelin" Collection contains two data DVDs: one is a copy of the film, "Fleecing Led Zeppelin;" the other contains a "final edit" of the film and digital images of a promotional postcard and poster for the film. A physical copy of the poster is also a part of the collection, which provides insight into marketing an independent short film.

National Archives NHPRCARC-1040 John Goddard Photographs, 1955-1963, undated, 2.5 l.f.
The John Goddard Photographs are dated 1955 to 1963 and contain undated photographs. The collection consists of eight black-and-white oversized photographs that included images of Alan Freed, Check Berry, Jackie Wilson, and audiences at the Brooklyn Fox Theatre. The collection also includes a photograph of Alan Freed’s 1955 Rock N’ Roll party at St. Nicholas Arena in New York City.

ARC-1041 Linda Streem Beatles Program, 1964 September 5, 0.07 l.f.
The collection consists of one program for a Beatles concert at the International Amphitheatre in Chicago, Illinois on September 5, 1964.

ARC-1042 Mark Thompson Photographs, 1991-2017, 2.8 GB
The Mark Thompson Photographs include 78 digital images (with flash drive) of performance photos for artists including B.B. King, Buddy Guy, Peter Gabriel, Chuck Berry, Rush, Elton John, Alice Cooper, Four Tops, Jon Bon Jovi, Def Leppard, Soundgarden and Little Richard. Photographs were taken at concert venues located primarily in Colorado and exemplify concert performance photography between the early 1990s and mid 2000s.

ARC-1043 Alternative Press Collection of Programs, 1996-2009, 0.42 l.f.
The Alternative Press Collection of Programs documents alternative music festivals and tours that took place in the United States between the years 1996-2009. Alternative Press designed and produced all of the programs in this collection. They were also a sponsor of the 2003 Take Action Tour, which benefited the National Hopeline Network's work to prevent suicide. The programs include brief biographies of the bands that played each tour. The tour best represented here is the Vans Warped Tour, with 8 years covered (1999, 2002-2007, 2009). The earliest program is for the 1996 Lollapalooza festival.

ARC-1044 Alec John Such Photographs, 1989, undated, 0.07 l.f.
The Alec John Such Photographs are dated circa 1989 and contains two photographs of the band Bon Jovi and Such's tattoo.

ARC-1045 Elliot Easton Photographs, undated, 0.07 l.f.
The Elliot Easton Photographs are undated and consist of two photographs of Cars guitarist, Elliot Easton.

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