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Archival Collections: ARC-0551 to ARC-0600

Archival Collections, ARC-0551 through ARC-0600

ARC-0551 Photograph of Kris Kross, 1991, 0.07 l.f.
The Photograph of Kris Kross is a black-and-white promotional photograph of the duo from 1991. It features inscriptions from both members, Daddy Mac and Mac Daddy. The photograph documents their signature style of wearing their clothes backwards.

ARC-0552 Lynda West Collection on the Fat Boys, 1987, 4.07 l.f.
The Lynda West Collection on the Fat Boys documents the output of this Brooklyn, New York hip-hop trio. The collection contains handwritten and typed lyrics to the song "Rock Rulin'" and two posters.

National Archives NHPRCARC-0553 Mike Morgan Collection of Fillmore West and Winterland Handbills, 1970, 0.07 l.f.
The Mike Morgan Collection of Fillmore West Handbills contains ten handbills for rock music concerts promoted by Bill Graham (1931–1991), German-American rock concert promoter, and, for the most part, held at the Fillmore West (San Francisco, California) in 1970. The Fillmore West, which stood at Market Street and South Van Ness Avenue, was an historic San Francisco, California venue; named after Graham's original "Fillmore" location at the intersection of Fillmore Street and Geary Boulevard. All handbill designs are by David Singer, an American collage and graphic artist who created 75 posters for Graham between 1969 and 1990, and printed by Tea Lautrec Litho, also in San Francisco. Artists featured in the handbills include the Allman Brothers, Elvin Bishop, the Byrds, Chicago, Country Joe and the Fish, Eric Clapton, Delaney and Bonnie, Bo Diddley, Fleetwood Mac, the Guess Who, Grateful Dead, Buddy Guy, John Lee Hooker, Iron Butterfly, Albert King, B.B. King, Taj Mahal, Van Morrison, Mott the Hoople, New Riders of the Purple Sage, Poco, Procol Harum, Quicksilver Messenger Service, Leon Russell, Boz Scaggs, Steve Miller Band, Ten Years After, and many more. Each handbill features portions of the Fillmore's annual calendar on the reverse. There are two handbills that, in addition to shows at the Fillmore, also include information on shows held at the Winterland, Berkeley Community Center, and Oakland Coliseum. These are noted at the item level.

ARC-0554 Postcard of Pete "Mad Daddy" Myers, undated, 0.07 l.f.
The Postcard of Pete "Mad Daddy" Myers is an undated black-and-white picture postcard of this Cleveland radio disc jockey wearing his trademark cloak. It is signed by Myers as "Mad Daddy" on the reverse.

ARC-0555 Paul Tsakanikas Photographs, 1981, 0.07 l.f.
The Paul Tsakanikas Photographs are 6 duplicate photographs of a New York City subway tunnel that contains graffiti related to John Lennon's death. The photograph was taken by Paul Tsakanikas in 1981, and its title is "Express to Heaven." The location of the subway tunnel was Park Avenue at 72nd Street, Track 3. The graffiti reads "John Lennon 12/8/80 N.Y.C. R.I.P." and there is a train visible on the track.

ARC-0556 Richard Gleba Beatles Poster and Program, 1964-1966, 2.5 l.f.
The Richard Gleba Beatles Poster and Program contains one poster of the Beatles and one program from their 1966 U.S. tour. The poster is a 1964 replica from their 1963 Royal Command Performance at the London Palladium. It features the four band members posed in front of a doorway and blue brick wall.

ARC-0557 Stuart Sutcliffe Letter and Drawing, 1961, undated, 2.57 l.f.
The Stuart Sutcliffe Letter and Drawing document Sutcliffe's relationship with the Beatles. The letter was written to Sutcliffe's mother, likely in August 1961, after his tenure with the band. The drawing is a page from a sketchbook and features four portraits as well as a drawing of Sutcliffe by John Lennon.

National Archives NHPRCARC-0558 Jesse Stone "Satin Doll" Arrangement, 1988, 0.07 l.f.
The collection consists of the handwritten jazz exercise of "Satin Doll" arranged by Jesse Stone. It includes Stone's handwritten instructions on how to read the arrangement. The arrangement was written by Stone for neighbor Eric Hankins, circa 1988.

National Archives NHPRCARC-0559 Archon: A.A. Stagg High School Yearbook, 1974, 0.07 l.f.
The collection consists of one yearbook for Amos Alonzo Stagg Senior High School for the year 1974. The yearbook, titled Archon, has a photograph of Chris Isaak as a senior at the high school on page 63.

ARC-0560 How to Organize and Successfully Run a Grateful Dead Concert Booklet, 1990, 0.07 l.f.
This booklet, entitled "How to Organize and Successfully Run a Gratedful Dead Concert," was presented to venues hosting Grateful Dead concerts. The copy in this collection is from the Richfield Coliseum in Richfield, Ohio. The Grateful Dead performed at the Coliseum on September 7 and 8, 1990.

ARC-0561 Lee Berry Collection of Promotional Posters and Flyers, 1977-2002, undated, 5.34 l.f.
Documents shows that took place in the state of Michigan. While there are some promotional posters for Kalamazoo and Detroit, most of the posters and flyers are promoting shows in and around the Ann Arbor, Michigan area, where the University of Michigan is located. Nearly all of these posters and flyers are dated from the early 1980s to the late 1990s.

National Archives NHPRCARC-0562 Frank Kozik Posters, 1991-1995, 4.0 l.f.
The Frank Kozik Posters is dated 1991-1995. It consists of nine hand-drawn and screen-printed posters featuring rock concerts designed by Frank Kozik. Performers include Neil Young, Pearl Jam, The Melvins, and Killdozer. The collection provides a sampling of Kozik's artistic work and seen in a broader context it provides insight into how mainstream and alternative rock bands and venues promoted their shows in the early 1990s. It also serves as a reference to artists that played during that era.

National Archives NHPRCARC-0563 Bill Saidel Photographs of Little Richard, 1970, 0.07 l.f.
The Bill Saidel Photographs of Little Richard are dated May 21, 1970. The collection contains 37 digitized photographs on CD-R of Little Richard at the Boston Tea Party venue in Boston, Massachusetts. These photographs were taken by donor Bill Saidel for an assignment titled "Boston After Dark." The collection provides insight into Little Richard’s performance style.

ARC-0564 Tad Low Collection of VH1 Pop Up Video, 1996-2001,15.51 l.f.
The Tad Low Collection of VH1 Pop Up Video Recordings span the years 1996 to 2001. The collection is 15.31 linear feet and consists of 204 D-2 video tapes of the Pop Up Video shows that aired, as well as magazines, newspaper clippings, photographs, internal documents, and correspondences. The collection is arranged by format.

National Archives NHPRCARC-0566 Marky Ray Collection, 1959-2014, 3.93 l.f.
The Marky Ray Collection is dated 1959 to 2014 and contains undated materials. The collection consists of three series: Series I: Phillip Horstmeier Materials, Series II: Marky Ray (Marc Poritsky) Materials, and Series III: Peter Ball Audio-Visual Materials. Series I consists of materials Poritsky obtained through the estate of his friend Phillip Horstemeier ("Cat City Bobby"), including hand-drawn sketches, comics, zines and collages by Robert Richie, ephemera related to the Northeast Ohio music scene, and publications and clippings that include Northeast Ohio local publications and literary and alternative presses. The materials include the following bands: Snot Rite, Kill the Hippies, the F-Models, Death of Samantha, and New Salem Witch Hunters. The series primarily serves to provide context to the alternative rock scene in which these bands were creating their music in Northeastern Ohio. Series II consists of materials from Poritsky's personal collection, relating to the band Action, ephemera for Northeast Ohio bands, and cassettes and CDs that include song mixes, live recordings, interviews, and audiocassette zines. Bands featured in the audiovisual materials are Hostile Omish, Pere Ubu, the Cramps, Death of Samantha, Cobra Verde, Chick Corea, Home and Garden, F Models, and Back Monkeys. The cassettes also include compilations from Testube Cassettezine and the Cleveland Music Group. Series III consists of materials Poritsky obtained through the estate of his friend Peter Ball, including recordings and compilations on VHS tapes, which primarily feature television appearances by the band Garbage and compilations of the television show, MTV 120 Minutes. The series documents and provides insight into the Northeast Ohio music scene in the 1980s and 1990s.

National Archives NHPRCARC-0567 Jimmy Karstein Collection on J. J. Cale, 2013, 0.07 l.f.
The Jimmy Karstein Collection on J.J. Cale consists of photographs, correspondence, a newspaper clipping, and a program for Cale’s funeral services. The photographs are undated, but the other items date to Cale’s death in 2013. The photographs are of J. J.Cale performing at the Whiskey a Go Go.

National Archives NHPRCARC-0568 Fitz and the Tantrums Music Parts, 2010-2011, 0.07 l.f.
The Fitz and the Tantrums Music Parts consist of 8 handwritten music parts for trumpet and trombone for the following songs: "Money Grabber," "Pickin' Up the Pieces," "Breakin' the Chains," "Darkest Street," and "Wake Up." The music is dated 2010 and 2011. Includes mailing envelope labeled "Fitz Horn Masters." The collection provides insight into the music writing process.

ARC-0569 Larry Magid Collection, 1968-2014, undated, 21.79 l.f.
The Larry Magic Collection consists of materials related to both rock and broadway shows promoted by Magid from 1969 to 2014, including undated materials. The collection contains business and subject files, including correspondence, photographs, articles, and appointment books and calendars, documenting a variety of shows, artists, and venues promoted by Magid; tour materials, specifically contracts and financial documents, for artists and Live 8; and scrapbooks of newspaper clippings related to shows held at the Electric Factory, the Spectum, Tower Theater, and the Bijou Café. Artists featured include a number of Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Inductees: the Allman Brothers Band, Bon Jovi, Genesis, Levon Helm, Elvis Presley, Led Zeppelin, the Rascals, Rolling Stones, Stevie Wonder, and Yes, non-musicians Billy Crystal and Robin Williams, and Bette Midler. Many other Inductees are featured in the newspaper clippings, including Aerosmith, Alice Cooper, the Beach Boys, Jeff Beck, David Bowie, Chicago, Bob Dylan, the Grateful Dead, Jackson 5, Billy Joel, the Kinks, Led Zeppelin, Curtis Mayfield, Pink Floyd, Queen, Bruce Springsteen, and the Who, as well as Committee, Peter Frampton, Janis Ian, Buddy Miles, the Pointer Sisters, Tex Ritter, Frank Sinatra, Slade, Taj Mahal, and many more. Of particular interest to researchers will be the notecard catalog tracking venue revenue, arranged alphabetically by city, site, and date.

National Archives NHPRCARC-0571 Michael G. Schwartz Collection of Beatles Films, 1961-1970, 1.0 l.f.
The Michael G. Schwartz Collection of Beatles Films contains fourteen 16mm films that span the years 1961-1970 and include promos, studio rehearsals, live concerts, and interviews related the Beatles and their solo careers.

National Archives NHPRCARC-0572 Gabriel and Elizabeth Butterfield Collection on Paul Butterfield, 1960-1980, 2.71 l.f.
The Gabriel and Elizabeth Butterfield Collection on Paul Butterfield is dated 1960 to 1980 and contains undated materials. The collection consists of photographs, flyers, handbills, advertisements, publications, and posters. Posters include an Elektra Records promo poster for the Paul Butterfield Blues Band, Paul Butterfield and Sons of Champlin concert poster from Paramount Northwest, and Paul Butterfield's Better Days at Convocation Hall. The photographs consist of promotional photographs, a black-and-white photograph of Butterfield possibly at the Seattle Pop Festival in 1969, and two printed photographs of Butterfield with Muddy Waters. The collection provides insight into the career of Paul Butterfield and 1960s-1970s blues-rock.

National Archives NHPRCARC-0573 Robert Seal Collection on the Village People, 1978-1980, 4.07 l.f.
The Robert Seal Collection on the Village People consists of two posters and a tour program the spring 1979 tour for the Village People.

National Archives NHPRCARC-0574 Dave Diamond Collection, 1964-2005, 2.71 l.f.
The Dave Diamond Collection is dated 1964-2005 and contains undated materials. The collection consists of correspondence, photographs of Dave Diamond with the Chambers Brothers and Neil Diamond, photographs of Diamond, and signed imagesof Elvis, promotional materials and radio surveys for the radio stations Diamonds had shows broadcasted on and sheet music for "Texas." The correspondence included correspondence to Dave Diamond from Pat Boone, Dick Clark, Bess Coleman, John Densmore, Michael Jackson, Dean Martin, Kirk Silsbee, Nancy Sinatra, and Tom Smothers. The Dave Diamond collection provides insight into the influence of Dave Diamond and radio DJs on the music industry.

ARC-0575 Jack and Ruth Weinstein Collection of Programs, 1965-1970, undated, 0.14 l.f.
The Jack and Ruth Weinstein Collection of Programs consists of 7 Murray the K programs, 2 Fillmore East programs, 1 Hair handbill, and assorted Beatles ephemera. The items are arranged alphabetically by subject.

ARC-0576 Trent Weller Collection on Mushroomhead, 1996-2002, 1 l.f.
The Trent Weller Collection on Mushroomhead includes handbills, handwritten lyrics, tour itineraries, newsclippings, cards, and a calendar. The collection dates from 1996-2002. Please note there is no correspondance or personal material. Items are arranged alphabetically.

ARC-0577 Linda "Crickett" Crockett-Blassingame Collection, 1966-1969, undated, 0.21 l.f.
The Linda "Crickett" Crockett-Blassingame Collection contains items from Crockett-Blassingame's personal and professional life in Euclid, Ohio, in the late 1960s as a fashion designer for her company, Crickett Designs. The collection includes business cards, an Agora photo ID, newsletters, sketches for outfits worn by the Ohio band Choir and New York performer Penny Arcade (AKA Susana Ventura), as well as a menu for La Cave.

ARC-0578 C/Z Records Collection, 1986-1994, undated, 2.57 l.f.
The C/Z Records Collection contains examples of this Seattle, Washington-based record label's output from 1986 through 1994. The collection focuses on the band Skin Yard, in which the label's president played bass; it also features many of the alternative rock bands from the time, such as Soundgarden and 7 Year Bitch. Primary formats include proofs for 7-inch record sleeves, posters advertising LPs and concerts, and flyers for concerts.

ARC-0579 Mark Arminski Collection of Flyers, 1975-1982, 0.07 l.f.
The Mark Arminski Collection of Flyers primarily documents clubs in Detroit, Michigan, in the early 1980s. Five of the flyers were designed by Gary Grimshaw. The earliest flyer, from 1975, is for a show at CBGB in New York featuring the Demons and the Ramones. The collection is arranged alphabetically by club name.

ARC-0580 Poster for Hair, 1968, 4.0 l.f.
The Poster for Hair was used to advertise the original Broadway musical production of Hair: The American Tribal Love-Rock Musical, which debuted in 1968. This poster measures 27"x41" and includes a four inch blank space at the bottom.

ARC-0581 Ricky Byrd Photograph, 1966, 0.07 l.f.
The Ricky Byrd Photograph is a color photograph of Byrd as a child playing his first acoustic guitar. The date on the reverse is October 20, 1966.

ARC-0582 Reese Wynans Tour Itinerary for Stevie Ray Vaughn and Double Trouble, 1988, 0.07 l.f.
Reese Wynans Tour Itinerary for Stevie Ray Vaughn and Double Trouble documents the group's March 1988 tour in which Wynans played keyboards. The tour consisted of five dates, from March 2-6, in St. Louis, Missouri, Merrillville, Indiana, and Akron, Ohio.

ARC-0583 Dizzy Reed Collection, 1991-2006, 1.76 l.f.
The Dizzy Reed Collection includes tour guide book itineraries, song selection lists of songs and notes which city it was played, and keyboard parts from the songs "Prostitute", "Blues" (later changed to "Street of Dreams"), "Madagasar", and "T.W.A.T." (There Was a Time). This collection is arranged chronologically.

ARC-0584 Mark Naftalin Posters, 1984-2002, 6.5 l.f.
There are 29 Mark Naftalin Posters from performances by Naftalin, as well as blues festivals he produced, from June 1984 and August 2002. The posters are arranged chronologically.

National Archives NHPRCARC-0586 Matt Stahl Collection, 1969-1999, 1.76 l.f.
The Matt Stahl Collection is dated 1960 to 1999 and contains undated materials. The collection contains twelve tour books for artists such as the Rolling Stones, the Who, Diana Ross, Alice Cooper, and Eric Clapton. It also contains flyers, newsletters, and magazines on the underground rock and alternative rock band scene, primarily on the East Coast. The collection also includes promotional photos, music books, calendars, and the zine, Conflict! The collection provides insight into East Coast music and underground bands from the 1960s to the 1990s.

ARC-0588 Bangles "Walk Like An Egyptian" Poster, 1986, 4.0 l.f.
The Bangles' "Walk Like An Egyptian" Poster is a promotional item for the song released in September 1986. It was Billboard's number 1 single of 1987.

ARC-0589 Eric Alper Collection of Publicity Materials, 1957-1994, 0.21 l.f.
The Eric Alper Collection of Publicity Materials contains information for four music-related productions from 1957-1994; the earliest of which is a press book for Bill Haley and His Comets from 1957. Other items include press kits for the 1982 film Pink Floyd: The Wall, the 1993 Frank Sinatra album Duets, and the 1994 film Backbeat. The press kits for the two films include stills, and the Sinatra album has a single print of the painting used on the album cover.

National Archives NHPRCARC-0591 Vincent Vigil Collection of Beatles Photographs, 1963-1971, 2.5 l.f.
The Vincent Vigil Collection of Beatles Photographs is dated 1963 to 1971. The collection consists of 27 oversized, color and black-and-white photographs of the Beatles. A significant focus of the photographs are stills from the movie "Help!" Also included in the collection are photographs from the Beatles' first U.S. tour in 1964, a press conference announcing the formation of Apple Records, and members of the band with Eric Clapton, Keith Richards, and Badfinger. The collection documents the Beatles' career and tours during the 1960s and will be of interest to researchers looking for film stills.

ARC-0592 Nancy-Pat Scanlon Collection on R.E.M., 1985-2010, 4.42 l.f.
The Nancy-Pat Scanlon Collection on R.E.M. spans the years 1985 to 2010. The collection contains R.E.M. fan club mailings, which include 7-inch records, press clippings, commercial posters, and tour materials.

National Archives NHPRCARC-0593 David Henry Williams Photograph of B.B. King, 2007, 2.57 l.f.
The David Henry Williams Photograph of B.B. King contains a 16 x 20-inch black-and-white photograph of B.B. King from an event in Itta Bena, Mississippi, at Mississippi Valley University on June 7, 2007. Also included is a CD-R with a tiff file of the image.

ARC-0594 Skip Rickert Collection on Stevie Ray Vaughn, 1988-1989, 0.07 l.f.
The Skip Rickert Collection on Stevie Ray Vaughan consists of three photographs used for promotional purposes in 1988-1989. There is one photograph of Vaughan with his band Double Trouble, one of Vaughan wearing a poncho, and the third photograph is of a painting of Vaughan.

National Archives NHPRCARC-0595 Art Chantry Posters, 1982-1994, 4.0 l.f.
The Art Chantry Posters are dated 1982 and 1994 and contain undated materials. The 11 posters in the collection were designed by Art Chantry and feature Pacific Northwest bands Mono Men, Romeo Void, Gang of Four, Gruntruck, and 7 Year Bitch. The Art Chantry Posters document the music scene in Seattle during the 1980s to mid-1990s and provide a sampling of Chantry's artistic work.

ARC-0596 Sony Music Entertainment Records, 1926-1988, 1.01 TB
The Sony Music Entertainment Records consist of digital images of business records from the Sony Music Entertainment archives of information relating to historic recording sessions by its exclusive recording artists from approximately 1926 through 1988. The images includes session sheets, recording cards, and artist cards of Sony labels RCA and CBS Records; specifically CBS Artist Contract Cards (61 artists; 2,150 files) and Label Copy (71 artists; 10,208 files), and RCA Artist Files (27 artists; 2,847 files) and Label Copy (21 artists; 1,592 files). All individuals featured are Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Inductees. All images are watermarked; some have been redacted per the gift agreement.

ARC-0597 Sing Out! Records, 1890-2009, undated, 14.68 l.f.
The Sing Out! Records document folk music and its related genres throughout the decades of the 1940s to the present. The photograph and subject files in this collection were originally a part of the Sing Out! Resource Center, created in the 1980s to document the diverse nature and history of folk music in order to better serve the folk community. Because Sing Out's mission is focused not on folk music but the "people's music," the collection documents a wide range of musical genres and styles, including blues, folk, alternative, country, rock, and world music; as well as festivals and organizations related to the creation, performance, and dissemination of the music. The collection also documents music as it serves "the common cause of humanity," and therefore, contains information and imagery related to a variety of social and political issues, including the civil and women's rights movements, labor rights, economic and social justice, freedom of assembly, and the anti-nuclear and anti-war movements. The collection is particularly rich in its documentation of women and minorities in music. In addition to the archival materials in the collection, a large number of periodicals, books, and LPs were added to the library's research collections.

National Archives NHPRCARC-0598 George Rose Photographs, 1978-1982, 4.02 l.f.
The George Rose Photographs consist of 41 vintage 16 x 20-inch silver gelatin prints from the years 1978-1982. Artists of note include Chuck Berry, Grace Jones, Rolling Stones, Sex Pistols, and Bruce Springsteen. Several photographs are of the audiences at various concerts. A majority of the photographs were taken at venues in California or New York and are noted at the item-level.

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